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Potential homebuyers looking for a home loan in Bear River Valley, Utah, turn to the reliable professionals at Academy Mortgage of Tremonton.

We have been in the mortgage lending business since 1988, and we put our years of experience to work for our clients by matching them with the home loan for them. Our mortgage lenders offer all types of home loans ? Conventional, Jumbo, FHA and VA as well as Refinancing and Renovation Loans. In Tremonton, we help hundreds of customers with Reverse Mortgages and USDA Loans.

Reverse Mortgages

This type of home mortgage loan is usually right for seniors that are 62 years old and older who are retired or near retirement.

Many homeowners have been paying on their mortgage for many years. During this time, homeowners must make choices about how to manage their money, because they must first be sure they can pay their mortgage, taxes and insurance on their property. It's an investment.

But what happens when it's time to retire and all your money is tied up in your house? You may have a pension, 401(k) or IRA, but it may not have as much in it as you hoped it would by the time you start drawing from it. You may find yourself having to scrape to get by.

Or maybe you can afford your monthly expenses, but you were hoping to have more disposable income to spend in your retirement. Maybe you would like to travel, visit your grandchildren or buy a new car. But money may be too tight to do these comfortably.

That's when our mortgage lenders can help with a Reverse Mortgage.

When you apply for this type of home loan, you can tap into your home equity and choose how you want it disbursed, there are several ways in which you can receive the proceeds of the loan. . This allows you to enjoy your assets while you still can, rather than living unnecessarily frugally.


This type of loan created by the Department of Agriculture helps low-to-moderate income individuals and families buy homes in rural areas. With a USDA Loan, most often homebuyers do not need a down payment. This is helpful to low-income homebuyers, since even 1% down on a home can be thousands of dollars.

Further, closing costs on a USDA Loan can often be rolled into the home loan so they are not payable in one lump sum at the time of purchase. Additionally, mortgage rates for a USDA Loan are usually lower than standard rates.

Whether you qualify for a USDA Loan depends on many factors, including your income, debts, credit score, the size of your household and number of dependents.

Come into Academy Mortgage of Tremonton today and talk to our Mortgage Loan Officers to find out if you can qualify for a USDA Loan. If you don't qualify, you may be able to qualify for an FHA Loan instead.

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