Plymouth Branch

251 North Main Street
Plymouth, MI 48170

An Experienced Mortgage Lender in Plymouth, Michigan

Shopping for a home in Plymouth, Michigan? Come see the mortgage lending experts at Academy Mortgage!

Shopping for a new house is serious business. In fact, it may be the largest single purchase you ever make. As such, you want the best deal you can get on a home mortgage. That’s why our customers come to us. We have been in the mortgage lending business since 1988, and our 30-plus years of experience make us a leader in our field.

Further, we are part of one of the largest national mortgage lending companies in the nation. This gives us a wellspring of resources at our disposal, including the ability to offer you lower interest rates.

A Big Mortgage Lender with a Small-Town Feel

But we’re a big company with a small-town feel. We achieve this by operating local branches like the one here in Plymouth. You can fill out a mortgage application on your phone while you wait for the traffic light to change, but that’s not the kind of experience our customers want.

Our clients like to sit down with us, ask questions and get answers. We’d like to say this is our favorite part of the job, but the truth is, the best part is when the buyer takes possession of the home. We love to see happy faces!

And our business model allows us to complete more of these transactions than others can. That’s because we do everything locally. From processing and underwriting to closing and funding—it’s all done here in Plymouth. There are no mortgage brokers, bankers, or others to drag their feet and slow down the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about obtaining a home loan or mortgage refinancing in Plymouth, Michigan, stop in and see the friendly professionals at Academy Mortgage today. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be in the home of your dreams!