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Potential homebuyers looking for a reliable mortgage lender in Redmond, Oregon, turn to the professional team at Academy Mortgage.

Academy Mortgage has been in the business of mortgage lending since 1988, and in those 30-plus years, we have perfected our approach. No matter how much experience mortgage lenders have, however, it’s critical that they keep on top of industry changes, which is why we are always undergoing further training.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make, so it’s critical that you work with someone you trust on this major financial move. We look not only at aspects of your financial situation — your credit score, income, savings, etc. — but also your needs and wants as they relate to your comfort level. We consider all the types of home loans available, let you know what your options are and make a recommendation based on our expertise. We want to help you get a great mortgage for you.

And that’s not just on new mortgages either — we do mortgage refinancing as well. We help customers secure lower interest rates or adjust the terms of their home loan to better suit their changing lives.

One reason our customers trust us is because we are local to Redmond, while at the same time being part of a major national firm. So you get the benefit of working with a large, financially solid company that also gives you the personal, individual service you want.

Not only do we provide exceptional service, but we are able to help homebuyers get into their dream home faster. From processing and underwriting to closing document prep and funding, everything is done in-house. That’s because there is no middleman, no mortgage broker to deal with.

Academy Mortgage is your one-stop shop in Redmond for securing a great home loan.

Home Loan: Count on Academy Mortgage to help you secure the right home loan for your situation. There are so many options, and choosing the right one can mean the difference between getting into your dream home or remaining a renter. Trust the experienced professionals at Academy Mortgage in Redmond to show you all your options.

Mortgage Refinancing: Mortgage refinancing can be a huge boost to your financial situation. More homeowners look into this option when interest rates are low, but the right mortgage can save you money in any market. Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments, shorten the term of your home loan or save money on interest, the Academy Mortgage team in Redmond can help you.

Home Loans

Are you shopping for a home in Redmond, Oregon? Come to the professional mortgage lenders at Academy Mortgage for your home loan — you’ll be glad you did!

Shopping for a home is fun and exciting, but let’s face it — it can be stressful as well. You will wonder if the home you choose has any hidden problems, if the neighbors will be nice or if the taxes will go up. Give yourself one less thing to worry about, and count on Academy Mortgage for your home loan or mortgage refinancing.

Home Loans: The Process

Even if you’ve previously bought a home, selling it and buying another one can be confusing process. There are so many types of home loans available. You may not know which ones you qualify for. Plus, if you’ve had any change in circumstances since your last home loan, you may no longer qualify for the programs the same as you once did.

For instance, if you are a first-time buyer, you may qualify for a number of beneficial programs. You may be able to receive down payment assistance or get help with closing costs. Some homebuyers can even get grants or forgivable second mortgages for as long as they live in the house. This can help enormously for young people who are having a hard time scraping enough money together to make a purchase, whether due to student loan debt, medical issues or another problem.

Even if you’re not a first-time buyer, you may qualify for a VA loan if you are a veteran or the spouse or surviving spouse of a veteran. You might qualify for a USDA loan for rural areas. If so, you can get a home loan with no down payment.

Why Academy Mortgage for Your Home Loan?

It’s so important to depend on a mortgage lender you can trust. We have been in the home loan business since 1988, and we put our 30-plus years of experience to your advantage to get you a mortgage with the right terms for your needs.

One major benefit of working with Academy Mortgage is that we are one of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S. This gives us the flexibility to offer you great terms.

At the same time, our branch here in Redmond offers you the personal experience you want in a local mortgage lender. We are not some faceless chain, we are the friendly neighbors you see at the park, coffee shop, pizzeria and brewpub. You can come in and talk to us any time; no need to wait on hold for a long time listening to recorded messages.

For the great expediency, know-how and professionalism, visit the team at Academy Mortgage, and learn about your options for home loans in Redmond.

Mortgage Refinancing

If you’re thinking of mortgage refinancing in Redmond, Oregon, come to the experienced professionals at Academy Mortgage.

Interest rates fluctuate over time, and this affects the cost of borrowing money. While people borrow money for many reasons — to buy a car, start a business, go to college, etc. — often the biggest loans are home loans. The median price of a home in Redmond is over $300,000 — a sizeable investment even by today’s standards.

If you got your home loan at a time when interest rates were higher than they are now, you might stand to save substantially with mortgage refinancing. We can help you achieve savings like this at Academy Mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing to Adjust Terms

Other homebuyers are interested in mortgage refinancing in order to change the terms of their loan.

However, what was not possible at one point can become feasible down the road. Many first-time homebuyers are young, but as they get older, their incomes increase, and so they may at that point be able to shorten the term of their loan and save money.

The reverse can happen as well. A borrower may choose a shorter term to save money, but later find the payments unaffordable due to a financial setback. Mortgage refinancing at this time can mean the difference between having to sell your home and being able to stay in it.

Academy Mortgage Is Here for You

Regardless of your motivation for mortgage refinancing, rely on the Academy Mortgage team to help. We have the financial backing of a major national chain, but we offer you the personal, one-on-one service of a local lender. We can also complete your mortgage refinancing as quickly as possible because there is no middleman. We do it all.

Count on Academy Mortgage to help you secure the loan with great terms for you. Make an appointment to come in to talk to us and learn about how you may be able to save thousands with mortgage refinancing.