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Welcome to Academy Mortgage!

When you’re shopping for a home in St. George, Utah, count on the expertise of the mortgage lenders at Academy Mortgage to get you a great home loan for you.

St. George is a beautiful, up-and-coming location, and we get lots of requests for loans for homes in this area. And while real estate prices in St. George are not unreasonable, no one wants to pay more for their home loan than they have to. That’s why our customers count on us. Our 30-plus years of experience in the mortgage lending business allow us to quickly and easily find a great mortgage for you.

You may have heard from friends and relatives that getting a mortgage approval takes time, but here at Academy Mortgage of St. George, we move quickly. One reason for this is that we do it all — all loan processing, underwriting, closings, and funding are handled locally. So there is no waiting around for mortgage brokers, banks or others who may hold up the process. We’re a one-stop shop.

Plus, we are part of one of the nation’s largest commercial lenders, so this helps us not just to move quickly, but to offer you competitive interest rates. What makes Academy Mortgage special, however, is the personal service we offer at our local St. George chapter.

Many of our customers are relieved to know they can sit down with us in person and talk about their mortgage. They don’t want to apply online to a faceless institution.

Even if your credit record isn’t spotless, we can help you. We listen to our customers, and we find solutions.
Whether you’re in the market for a new home or you want mortgage refinancing, come in and talk to the friendly, professional team at Academy Mortgage in St. George.

Home Loans: For help getting a great home loan in St. George, Utah, trust the professional team at Academy Mortgage. We have access to dozens of different types of home loan programs, and that’s how we help you get a mortgage that works for you. Call or come in today to find out more about home loans in St. George.

Mortgage Refinancing: St. George-area residents who are thinking about mortgage refinancing should come in and talk to the team at Academy Mortgage. We work hard to get our customers competitive interest rates. Whether you’re looking for lower monthly payments or simply a better rate, we can help. Call today to find out more about mortgage refinancing in St. George.

Are you shopping for a new home in St. George, Utah? Rely on the professional team at Academy Mortgage to find the right home loan program for your needs.

Shopping for a new home can be fun, but it can also be stressful. It’s likely the biggest investment you’re going to make in your lifetime. If you’re not familiar with all the many ins and outs of real estate transactions, you may worry if you are being taken advantage of, or if you’re paying more than you need to.

With Academy Mortgage on your side, you can put those fears to rest. We have been in the mortgage lending business since 1988. Our 30-plus years of experience have rendered us experts in the field, and we use this experience to your advantage.

Home Loans in St. George

There are so many home loan programs available that it often can be overwhelming for the average homebuyer to try to consider all of their options. There are programs for first-time buyers, veterans, low-income earners and more. We narrow down the field for you and present you with the options that make the most financial sense for you.

We make our recommendations based on our experience, but also on your personal situation. We use your financial data, but we also talk to you about your needs, wants and expectations for your mortgage. The only way to help our customers get a home loan that they are truly comfortable with is by taking the time to get to know and understand them.

Academy Mortgage Is Local

And that’s one of the benefits of working with the local St. George branch of Academy Mortgage. We’re not some faceless company that exists only online. You can walk in our doors any time and sit down and talk to one of our loan officers. We’re your neighbors; you might see us at the museum, the park or the club.

At the same time, Academy Mortgage is part of one of the largest mortgage lenders in the nation, and this provides us with the resources to offer you competitive rates.

Fast and Efficient

Once we settle on a mortgage program, rest assured the rest of the process will be smooth and easy. Other professionals such as mortgage brokers and banks may end up needing more time to complete your paperwork, but that’s not how we work. From processing and underwriting to closing document prep and funding, we do it all in-house — no delays.

What are you waiting for? Call or come into Academy Mortgage of St. George, Utah, today, and find out how working with us to get a home loans can get you into the house of your dreams as quickly as possible.

Mortgage Refinancing

Many homeowners are interested in mortgage refinancing at some point during the term of their mortgage because it may save them money. Talk to the professional team at Academy Mortgage in St. George, Utah, to find out how much you may be able to save with mortgage refinancing.
Everyone wants great interest rates, but the truth is, rates are set by the Federal Reserve, and the market dictates when and if they go up or down. So if you bought your house during a time of high interest rates, you are paying more for your home loan than someone who got a lower interest rate. And that’s what mortgage refinancing is all about.

Once mortgage interest rates fall to a certain level below the rate on your home loan, it makes financial sense to refinance. This means the loan is refinanced to grant you the lower rate. However, there are a few caveats.

Mortgage Refinancing Details

First, homeowners usually have to pay closing costs with mortgage refinancing, because it is similar to the closing they went through with their original mortgage. Also, if your home has not been appraised for many years, you may need a new appraisal, which costs money and can take time. However that’s the time you want to be able to count on an experienced mortgage company.

You will also likely have to requalify for mortgage refinancing. If you have gotten divorced, gone into debt or suffered other financial setbacks, this may affect your rate. If, however, your financial situation has improved — as is the case for many as their mortgage term progresses — you could be eligible for an even lower rate.

You can trust the advice from the expert mortgage lenders at Academy Mortgage. We can look at your financial situation and tell you whether it would be most advantageous to do mortgage refinancing right away, or to wait six months to a year for your credit score to improve.

Friendly, Local Mortgage Lender

This is the type of personal service you will likely not get with a giant, faceless lender. We have seen situations in which credit was affected by military deployment or a death in the family, and we were able to work with these customers to get them into loan programs that they qualified for
We can see if you are just about to pay off your student loans or if you have negotiated payment for a medical bill. We don’t just serve homeowners, we serve human beings.

If you want to know if mortgage refinancing could save you money, come down and talk to the team at Academy Mortgage in St. George, Utah. We’ll run the numbers for you and help you decide what steps to take next.