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Senior Loan Officer
NMLS # 279009
State Lic GA #28993
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For the very large majority of us, a home is the biggest, single investment we make aside from our children. Whether it be your first home, your fifteenth home, your mountain home or your beach house, your condominium or your hard earned palace, we at Academy Mortgage are aware of a single common thread. We know it is of vital importance to you; and, that the acquisition must to be handled in the most expedient, professional manner possible. We know that budgets can be tight and money dear and needed for after move in improvements.

I know something you may not realize. Unlike what other lenders trumpet about their loans being easy and quick with all details being handled by their various “systems”, every single loan is an utterly unique transaction with details completely different from any of the others.

I’ve been in the business for over fifteen years; I have a wealth of experience in every kind of residential loan that exists (and some that no longer do!). This experience has allowed me to develop the expertise needed to deal with the individual nuances of every person’s special situation. Have you ever been in a crowd, anywhere, and not still known you were a completely different individual from everyone else in the crowd?

This is how I see you.

You are not another case file or a number in some arcane mathematical calculation. You, the living breathing person you are, and your family are important to me as treasured clients. I’m in this game for the long run; the only way I can do that is by giving you the most personal, instant and accurate service possible.

Over the years and through hundreds of millions of dollars in loans, I have learned what it takes to deliver to you what you want and you need. I will guide you through the process and over the bumps and past the hard places. I will get you to where you want to be. Purchases or refinances, be they Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, or otherwise, together we can make it work within your time frame.

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How much will my fixed rate mortgage payment be?

This calculator computes the payments (principal and interest), based on home price, down payment, and other factors.

How much mortgage might I qualify for?

This calculator computes the finance amount, based on income, expenses, credit rating, and other factors.

How much home can I afford?

This calculator computes the most expensive house you can buy, based on the highest payment you can afford.

How much will I save by increasing my mortgage payment?

Increasing your payment will reduce the principal on your mortgage, the total amount of interest you’ll pay, and the number of payments.

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We are proud to be one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country. We achieved this distinction by continually providing exceptional customer service and by following responsible lending practices, especially in today's rapidly changing economy.

—Adam Kessler, CEO, Academy Mortgage


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