Brad Mabey

Branch Manager
NMLS # 262718
State Lic NV #64411, UT #5726311
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It’s all about service at Academy Mortgage, and our company has been meeting the needs of homebuyers across the United States since 1988. I joined Academy because of its strong reputation for integrity—based mortgage lending, its unwavering commitment to responsible lending practices, and for its broad portfolio of mortgage solutions and tools.

Since joining Academy, I have helped many individuals and families attain the dream of homeownership. Whether you want to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, I will provide a customized solution for you at competitive rates. No brokering, no middleman, no hassle, no surprises.

About Me-
I was born and raised on a small farm in South Jordan, Utah. I am married with 3 children, 4 horses, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I believe I’m unusually service minded and very active in local community and church programs – I enjoy offering this same attitude of service to my clients.

Clients have described me as:
• A trusted Mortgage Consultant with 10 years in the business
• Knowledgeable on all the program options available in Utah
• Great at helping people learn and understand their options
• Able to offer some of the lowest rates and fee’s
• A mortgage consultant who genuinely cares about YOUR mortgage process!

During my career I’ve focused heavily on providing better communication than people generally find in this industry. I believe superior communication up-front in the planning and strategy phase eliminates errors, costly surprises and last minute delays typically found in most banks and many mortgage companies.
Continuing communication throughout the rest of the process brings my clients peace of mind and confidence they’re getting what they want. People tell me my communication focus has made their home-buying or refinancing experience far less stressful then any of their past experiences.
They also tell their friends, family, and others to contact me, which is the highest compliment I can ever receive.
My special thanks to those who let me help them and their friends!

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My husband and I bought our first house and used Brad Mabey as a mortgage consultant and he made our first experience smooth and pain free. He is professional, approachable, and honest. He was patient and willing to answer any and all questions that we had. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends and would use him again instantly. - Sarah

—Sarah Sibio

With my family, we are large, and we have two sons with autism. And we felt we had to get out of the big city, for our children's sakes. We went from renting a home in Southern California to renting a five acre home near Moab, Utah. About eleven months later, we found our dream home. I had had some credit issues that I was actively in the process of cleaning up. And, we put an offer in on the dream home that our family currently owns. My realtor was aware of the precarious nature of our finances, and she said If anyone can bring this loan in, it's Brad Mabey. We put the offer in, and Brad and his team went to work. Our family has always needed think outside of the box thinkers and go getters. With our realtor, Anne Fillmore, and our lender guy, Brad Mabey, we had a winning team. There were certainly a couple of times I thought, Well, this is not going to happen. One had to do with the lending limits on the specific county we were purchasing in. Another had to do with the fact that this house was completely off grid, and it was difficult to get the right appraiser on board that could deliver the appraisal value that was needed to secure the loan. I don't know how Brad and Anne ever got it done, but I can tell you that we are in our dream home, it is perfect for us, and I still can't believe we are here, sometimes!!

—Darla Anderson

Brad Mabey was awesome! We had went to 2 other mortgage companies and was give a complete run around just to end up telling us that they don't do stated income loans and that we would have to wait up to 2 years. Brad shot it straight with us explained what to do and was able to get it done fairly quick. We was ready to throw in the towel and just buy a smaller preexisting home. But Brad made it possible to build our dream home out in the country. My wife and I appreciate Brad and all his patients with us. He made this loan very easy and actually came to my office to pick up most documents and closed right here at my office!. (who does that). We tell everybody and he has continued to get complicated loans done for friends of mine. Thanks again to Brad and Republic Mortgage and even returning business back to us and is now a great customer of ours! Thanks Again!!!!! Kenion Davis

—Kenion Davis

I was referred to Brad Mabey from a friend over 8 years ago. Brad assisted us as we refinanced our home twice. We just recently sold our home and decided to build. When we met with our builders, we told them that Brad Mabey from Republic Mortgage was the only lender that we would use. In the past 8 years Brad has kept in contact with us with updates, mortgage rate changes and just checking in with us. What we like most about Brad is that he is honest, patient, knowledgeable, quick to respond, friendly and very helpful throughout the entire refinance and loan process. He helped us look at all our options and was instrumental is our decisions. I did not want any surprises at closing and Brad made sure that we knew everything before closing and there were no surprises. Brad Mabey is the ONLY lender that our family will use and we highly recommend him to everyone we meet. Michael and Laura O'Connor

—Laura O'Connor