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When it comes to helping individuals and families achieve successful homeownership, Academy is 1st CHOICE. For over 30 years, we have delivered exceptional mortgage service, in-house loan fulfillment, a broad portfolio of products and tools, and integrity-based mortgage banking.

Brian Nowakowski

Renovation Lending Manager
NMLS # 476361
State Lic MI #476361, DC #MLO476361, MA #MLO476361, NJ #476361, ME #476361, AL #476361, WV #LO-33963, MD #20683, CT #LO-476361, VA #MLO-23281VA, PA #43017, IN #37347, DE #MLO-476361, NH #476361, GA #63203, AL #71396

It’s all about service at Academy Mortgage, and our company has been meeting the needs of home-buyers across the United States since 1988. I joined Academy because of its strong reputation for integrity-based mortgage lending, its unwavering commitment to responsible lending practices, and for its broad portfolio of mortgage solutions and tools.

Since joining Academy, I have helped many individuals and families attain the dream of home-ownership. Whether you want to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, I will provide a customized solution for you at competitive rates. No brokering, no middleman, no hassle, no surprises.

Academy is a direct lender, which means that my Branch and Regional Offices are equipped to complete the entire loan process in-house—all loan processing, underwriting, closings, and funding are handled locally. As a result, we have a proven track record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I will be in control of your loan file from start to finish, and I will be up-to-date on the status of your loan at all times. I understand the importance of maintaining continuous communication throughout the loan process and commit to providing you accurate, timely, and honest mortgage advice.

I invite you to put us to the test. Let me show you how simple and easy securing a mortgage can be.

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This calculator computes the payments (principal and interest), based on home price, down payment, and other factors.


How much mortgage might I qualify for?

This calculator computes the finance amount, based on income, expenses, credit rating, and other factors.


How much home can I afford?

This calculator computes the most expensive house you can buy, based on the highest payment you can afford.


How much will I save by increasing my mortgage payment?

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Brian Nowakowski was my loan officer, and he went over and above to make my loan happen. My loan was complicated because my aunt loaned me money an cosigned, There were many hurdles to jump through, and Brian even drove to our houses at times to get what was needed to make the loan paperwork proceed. I would use Brian again for future loans and would highly recommend him to anyone buying a home.

—Mark Lewandowski

Informative, efficient and very helpful

—Lisa Berriola

Brian and his team went above and beyond to help me and my family get into our house. There were some struggles and some miscommunication between myself and some of Brian's team. Brian handled those issues with swift and accurate professionalism, taking time out of his busy schedule to personally meet with me when it was convenient for me and explain exactly what was going on and why. I cant say enough good about Brian and his team at Academy Mortgage. When it comes time to buy my next house I know I will be going directly to Brian and Academy Mortgage.

—Erich Caudell

everyone was great

—John Basch

No other company can compare. The follow up, keeping everyone posted, and the attention to detail is unsurpassed

—Marrie Retallack

Academy did everything they said they would do in a timely fashion. My loan officer was available whenever needed.

—Omar Black - Aug 2016

Brian, Tim Huber and everyone else involved was on top of what needed to be done at all times. I felt like I could focus on preparing to move and the other minutia with it while they handled the big stuff. Awesome team at Academy

—Matthew Taylor

Everyone involved with the loan process was responsive and very easy to work with. What could have been a difficult and frustrating process was made simple. I was in great hands from start to finish.

—Stephanie Hill- February 2015

Nothing but good things to say about the mortgage process with Academy Mortgage. From the LO to the behind the scenes staff, a job well done!


My experience was great. Mr. Nowakowski and Team were very efficient and knowledgeable. They were patient, kind and answer any questions that I had in a timely manner. I really appreciate their work on my behalf. Thank you.

—Esther Jean-Louis- 5/4/15

Great communication service just overall excellent experience

—Christopher Hunter

Every employee was great. Always keeping on top of any documents and assisting me the entire time.

—Joshua Leese

I came to Academy on a recommendation by a friend. The whole process was enjoyable and easy. I will keep them in mind for any future needs.

—Kenneth Ottey - January 2015

"Brian Nowakowski is knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated. He helped my buyer prepare for house hunting and pre-qualified her so she was ready to shop for a home. He educated her about her range of loan options and helped her take advantage of special programs in Baltimore City to increase her purchasing power. He followed through at each step through closing day. I recommend him wholeheartedly! He is wonderful!"

—Jen Holden 5/8/13

As a first time home buyer the 203k Loan Process was very involved and at sometimes overwhelming but between Brian Nowakowski and Anne Niederberger I was in good hands. They were both very responsive and helpful throughout the process as we found solutions to the various hurdles throughout the loan process. I would also highly recommend George Lopez (HUD Consultant) to anyone with a 203K loan in the future as I am confident that the end result would not have been the same without his knowledge and expertise.

—Christopher Jones

Brian and his staff were great to work with. We were able to close very quickly without any surprises.

—Mary Cooper Ayd

Brian exceeded expectations as usual and always a pleasure to work with Brian. I am usually an L&F team player but anytime I can recommend Brian and Academy, I will...thanks for a job well done.

—Aphy Liebno-March 2015

Informative, efficient and very helpful

—Lisa Berriola

Brian is a "get it done" kind of guy.

—Jen Ferrara-July 2014

I really enjoyed working with Brian and Anne. They were incredibly amicable, responsive and attentive. Brian in particular was very educated on different loan products and really tuned in to what would be the best option for me.

—Charlene Sallgren-July 2015

Brian is a "get it done" kind of guy.

—Jen Ferrara

—Noah Gedrimas

All the people at Academy were fantastic, but Brian Nowakowski and Donna Abel stood out in my experience. May other Buyers be blessed to put their dreams in their hands. I believe they will come through for them like they did for me.

—Jewel Thorne-Smalls

"I started out the transaction a bit skeptical because the property that I had listed was under contract for the 2nd time. The first buyer did not get funding on a 203k loan. This time, I was going to stay in touch with the lender EVERY step of the way. And, that is exactly what I did. I called Brian Nowakowski at least weekly throughout the transaction, sometimes several times a week. He almost always answered the phone and if he did not, I would receive a call back that same day. I would question him about each and every step of the mortgage approval process and he easily answered my questions and assured me that they were working towards the settlement day. While we did have one 2-week extension, he explained to me exactly what each step would entail and how many days for each step. Although still a little skeptical along the way, in the end, he came through AND I was IMPRESSED! Thank you, Brian"

—Lorraine Treger 4/14/13

Brian and his team where really great from the time of prequalifying. He received the buyers name and number and placed a call to see how he could help them. Within 1/2 hr. That's what I like. Brian cares about people and it shows!

—Debbie Henninger-January 2015

Brian was very professional and worked so hard to get a difficult loan completed. He updated me constantly during the entire process which is always the most important part of the process.

—Mary Towle-February 2015

I recommend Academy and Brian to my buyers because he is honest and experienced; if he says a buyer can qualify for a loan, I trust he and his team will do everything they can to process that loan on time and meet the buyer's expectations.


Excellent experience, Brian was great.

—Matthew Losignor - November 2014

Informative, efficient and very helpful

—Lisa Berriola

Working with Tim and Donna was a pleasure. Both were extremely helpful at any time and offered immediate answers

—Joshua Leese

Academy mortgage was simply outstanding. Excellent, very professional, & responsive staff. Answered all questions and pushed timely information. Worked to get lowest rate which we were completely satisfied.

—William Epley-June 2014

Academy Mortgage was one of only a few companies with experience and expertise in the HomeStyle loan process, which made them a great fit for us. There were 1 or 2 hiccups along the way that ultimately delayed our closing by a few days, but other than that we were very pleased and Brian was overall very responsive to our questions.

—Meghan Will - March 2016

Brian was prompt with his communication, and was always helpful when able.

—Steven W. Crandall

Everyone worked diligently and calmly under pressure, and got the job done.

—Rick Parreco-February 2016

I have been a realtor for the past 10 years and knew that Brian would be my go to when I bought a home as he has always provided stellar service to my clients and of course he succeeded in doing the same for me. I will continue to send clients his way.

—Jennifer Yateman-September 2014

The Academy mortgage team was great to work with and I really liked the updates. Just the right amount of information to keep me on top of the deal. I have other lenders that I recommend, but now I can add Brian and his team to my list!

—Kimberly Bradbury - June 2016

Everything worked. Brian helped me earlier I decided to wait a bit and when I was ready we moved forward quickly.

—August Buchheit - July 2015

Brian is very honest and responsive on all of my questions. Great person to work with!

—Jason Rosenzweig - June 2016

Brian was available at all times day or night which was great to calm our nerves. The only thing that bothered us was 100% out of his control. For some reason the loan docs early in the process don't need to be 100% accurate to move the process forward, but you have to sign saying they're accurate. That bothered us even though it's standard procedure. Again, this isn't a comment on Academy, just the loan process as a whole.

—James Lynch

"Brian Nowakowski did an excellent job. He's well informed, prompt, and communicates effectively. In addition to answering my many questions, he offered information and resources that helped to move my homebuying process forward."

—Patrice Mason 12/16/13


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