Charley Kier

Loan Officer
NMLS # 608121
State Lic NM #608121, CO #100503295
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2243 Main Avenue
Suite Offices 3B, 3E, 3F, 3G, 3H, 3I
Durango, CO 81301
It's all about service at Academy Mortgage and our company has been meeting the needs of homebuyers across the United States since 1988. Since joining Academy, I have helped many individuals and families attain the dream of homeownership. Whether you want to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, I will provide a customized solution for you at competitive rates. No brokering, no middleman, no hassle, no surprises.

Academy is a direct lender, which means that my Branch and Regional Offices are equipped to complete the entire loan process in-house. All loan processing, underwriting, closings, and funding are handled locally. As a result, we have a proven track record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I will be in control of your loan file from start to finish, and I will be up-to-date on the status of your loan at all times. I understand the importance of maintaining continuous communication throughout the loan process and commit to providing you accurate, timely, and honest mortgage advice. I invite you to put us to the test. Let me show you how simple and easy securing a mortgage can be.

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How much will my fixed rate mortgage payment be?

This calculator computes the payments (principal and interest), based on home price, down payment, and other factors.


How much mortgage might I qualify for?

This calculator computes the finance amount, based on income, expenses, credit rating, and other factors.


How much home can I afford?

This calculator computes the most expensive house you can buy, based on the highest payment you can afford.


How much will I save by increasing my mortgage payment?

Increasing your payment will reduce the principal on your mortgage, the total amount of interest you’ll pay, and the number of payments.

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—David Peyton

Charley and Donna were great to work with- very communicative and answered every question we had.

—Sarah Jones

—Charlotte Overby

Saved my sanity and condo purchase!

—Theresa Goldstrand

The entire loan process was smooth from start to finish. They exceeded my expectations in delivering the type of loan I was seeking with minimal effort. My loan officer was accessible, prompt with answers to my questions and great with troubleshooting any hangups I encountered along the way. Both Charley and Donna were a pleasure to work with and were dedicated to creating a positive experience for me! I would definately recommend Academy Mortgage to anyone seeking a loan! Thank you Charley and Donna!

—Alicia Rorie

As a first time homebuyer some things were a little overwhelming but, the professionalism that Charley and Donna displayed helped ease any stress and increase my trust in the process.

—Michael Bork

I have three suggestions for improving the loan process: 1. Improve the security of personal information. I was a federal employee for 32 years, one thing that was so important was protection of PII (personal identifiable information), we had to take an annual training on how to protect PII; I did not feel that my PII was safe in this office. Three examples: I met an employee in their office to provide information for our loan, on their desk was enlarged images of other clients drivers' license, credit card statements, etc. As the employee went to copy my information I was left alone in their office with all of this information laying there. Two - another time I met the employee returning from lunch and we walked in together, their office door was unlocked, the same PII was strewn across their desk, anyone could have walked in and grabbed this information. Their offices are in a multi-organizational building with public access! Three - I logged into my account on an employee's computer to download a document, I watched the employee save the file onto their computer. The next day they called me and asked me to stop by again to download it again because they couldn't find it on their computer! The protection of PII is extremely important, with all of the news of identity theft and security breaches it is even more urgent that proper precautions be taken. Academy Mortgage needs to provide PII security training to their employees. 2. We were told that each loan officer was independent and had control over the process; however, it seemed that each time I asked for something they replied, oh, I'll have to check with our regional office. Example - I was shopping for a jumbo loan, I went to Academy first and got an estimate, the next two lenders I went to offered a rate that was .125% lower with lower fees. I presented this to the Academy Loan Officer and they told me they needed to see the offers and then present them to their regional office for approval! Give your managers some authority to make those decisions in their office. The fact that our officer had to communicate with the regional office slowed down the process and we lost one underwriter and had to use another. 3. While going through the process of dealing with the underwriter, providing four months of account documentation, I finally asked the loan officer what they were saying to the underwriters and what was their response. The officer informed me that all communication was via email and that they had no personal contact with the underwriters!! This is a business of working with people, people's life savings and major life decisions, and it needs personal communications! I know and understand that much of the loan process has changed since the housing crisis, but this is my sixth time purchasing a home and the requirements were the worst. Try and find a way to ease this process. I was told that all communication with the underwriter had to be through email so there was a paper trail; well, you can call and talk with the underwriter and then send an email summarizing the conversation. Sometimes voice to voice communications over delicate issues is more effective and then follow-up with the written. Again, the two employees we worked with saved the loan, their friendliness kept us going.

—Jacob Fillion

Great expereince

—Amy Lochte

I can't thank Charley and Donna enough for making this an easy, painless and even fun process.

—Gregory Coit

Charley Kier is thorough and creative, with great communication. His patience is very appreciated!

—Jamie Zogg

—Matt Smith

Charley and Donna were amazing. So on top of things! Made the process smooth and easy!

—Shannon Smith

Charley was very thorough and always available for questions. I also liked the online portal for reviewing and signing documents.

—Elizabeth Moore

Charlie was great!!!!! Beyond helpful and made the process very smooth for us.

—Jennifer Letellier-Smith