Jim Camara

Senior Loan Officer
NMLS # 257972
State Lic CA #CA-DOC257972
With Just 10 minutes on the phone, in your home or at my office we can see if you prequalify for a mortgage and start a Home-Buying plan that fits you - No Obligation!

I look forward to helping you. Just call my cell phone (209) 981-5626, click on the my email address above and let me know how I can reach you. So, just call or click and let's get you closer to what YOU want in home ownership.

Clients have described me as:
- Knowing all the program options available in California
- Great at helping people learn and understand the loan process and their options
- Able to offer some of the lowest rates and fees
- A mortgage team leader who can close your loan in a timely manner
- Always available by phone, in your home or at my office - your choice
- A mortgage consultant who genuinely cares about your happiness

During my career I've focused heavily on obtaining knowledge and experience to further my career. I providing better communication than people find in this industry. I believe superior communication up-front in the planning and strategy phase eliminates errors, costly surprises and last minute delays typically found in most banks and many mortgage companies. Continuing communication throughout the rest of the loan process brings my clients peace of mind and confidence they're getting what they want and need. People tell me my communication focus has made their home-buying or refinancing experience far less stressful than any of their past experiences. They also tell their friends, family and other to contact me, which is the highest compliment I ever receive.

My Special thanks to those who let me help them and their friends.

I was born and raised in the California Central Valley and started my career as a mortgage loan officer in 1986. Prior to that I worked my way up the ladder as a loan counselor for delinquent accounts, loan processor and at one time was a loan underwriter. I held the positions of branch manager and regional manager. I believe I am Unusually service minded and I enjoy offering this attitude to my clients. With my experience and knowledge I'm not afraid of challenging situations. I love hearing my clients say at closing "everyone else said they couldn't do what you've done".

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