Quick Closing Times

The Gold Standard in Customer Service

Academy is the Gold Standard in loan origination and ease of doing business. We hire and retain the industry’s brightest and most capable mortgage professionals to educate you on your options, to meet your lending needs, and to ensure your financial security. Our Loan Officers are easy to access, and provide timely response, clear communication, and absolute follow-through. Our team is also known for being ethical, honest, knowledgeable, professional, innovative, and caring.

Here’s what our Partners have to say about us:
“Keep doing what you are doing. When Academy Mortgage says they can do something, they do! They do not mislead or give us lip service. I love the videos they send out to the buyers. They are cute and very informative. This keeps them in the loop, and they know what’s going on! And, of course, I love that they are quick at getting things done and closed before our anticipated date.” Debbie H.
“I had never heard of Academy Mortgage and was immediately suspect of the fast closing promise, but it totally worked out just like my Loan Officer said. I am a type A Realtor and work late into the night frequently (if there's a need). I loved that my Loan Officer responded back so quickly. I appreciate being part of a team that is focused on the goal of client satisfaction and exceeding expectations.” Claire N.
“Thank you, Academy Mortgage, for taking care of my clients due to your belief in ‘common sense lending.’ I appreciate how fast and accurately the file was expedited, and I was kept well-informed throughout the entire process. Great team work, and your pride in what you do shined through this entire transaction.” Buna G.
“I was very impressed with Academy Mortgage. The updates were fantastic, and we closed right on time with docs at the title company with room to spare. This was a 35-day transaction and I did not feel rushed or feel like I had to be pushing. Things just happened. The buyer felt the same way. I am impressed!” Sarah H.
“I enjoyed tremendously working with Academy Mortgage as they kept me and my client up to date continuously on where the loan application was in the process. We closed early! That is unheard of these days.” Maxine F.
“I really enjoyed working with Academy Mortgage. They were very informative, did what they said they would do, and closed sooner on an FHA loan than any other lender I have seen. Keep up the great work. You guys are amazing.” Adeyemi M.
“We came to Academy Mortgage desperate for help when our experience with a big bank had been both horrendous and heartbreaking. Academy closed the loan a week earlier than expected and truly saved the day for this deserving first-time buyer. Bravo!” Scooter J.
“Academy Mortgage closed a deal that was denied at the last minute by another lender. The process was quick and smooth with happy sellers and buyers, not to mention happy agents.” Sandy J.

Source: Academy Mortgage April-July 2015 Partner Satisfaction Surveys.