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Serious delinquency rates for mortgages tumble again

The number of mortgages with serious delinquencies decreased notably in January, government-sponsored lender Fannie Mae reported. The delinquency rate is based on the amount of loans on which borrowers are not keeping up with payments.

Serious delinquency rate fell to lowest level since September 2008. According to Fannie Mae, the volume of U.S. home mortgages that were not paid regularly fell to 1.86% in January, which is 0.03 percentage points lower than December 2014 and down from 2.33% in January 2014.

Freddie Mac, another government-sponsored operation, released a report the week ending Feb. 27, which also revealed a drop in single-family serious delinquency.

Rates drawing closer to normal numbers. Calculated Risk Finance & Economics indicated that the typical rate of serious delinquency among home loans is lower than 1%. The rate could return to normalcy by the end of 2016.

A more promising economy and employment growth may help lower the risk of home loans becoming too difficult to pay off. As greater job security and opportunities arise for current homeowners, serious delinquency rates may continue to fall to more typical levels.

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Zillow and Trulia merger may inspire a new future for real estate

Zillow recently acquired Trulia, and the merger has continued to strengthen. According to a press release from Zillow Group, the new company's rental network added Trulia.

Zillow Group's rental network becomes largest on the Internet. With the recent addition of Trulia to its rental network, Zillow Group now can provide consumers with the most extensive selection of rental options. As a result, landlords and individuals who market properties will also have access to this information. In addition to Zillow's traffic, Trulia's addition of 55 million visitors every month will surely provide valuable insight.

"We are incredibly pleased with how quickly we've been able to bring Trulia into the Zillow Rental Network," said Zillow Group's chief revenue officer, Greg Schwartz. "Adding Trulia to the Zillow Rental Network brings new opportunities to our multifamily partners and landlords, giving them exposure to a much larger audience while providing a more streamlined customer service experience. Rental shoppers will continue to benefit from two very large and diverse rental sites."

As Trulia and Zillow continue to transition and become Zillow Group, there might be some notable changes in the real estate industry.

Further alterations resulting from the Zillow-Trulia merger may impact the future of real estate. According to Inman, the partnership between the two companies may lead to some individuals starting their own online real estate companies. A few new online housing sites, such as Opendoor, have developed since the merger.

The future of the housing market may see a number of new options available for individuals who recently became interested in purchasing a house and decided to apply for a U.S. home mortgage, as former employees of Trulia and Zillow try to develop new companies.

In addition, new rivalries may inspire more development in the world of online real estate. As new players step up to the plate, healthy competition can help bolster improvements and breakthroughs among online housing and property tools and ultimately tailor the industry toward younger adults who prefer mobility and convenience. Enhancing the mobile or online experience of viewing homes may pique the interest of millennials who represent the pent-up demand of potential first-time homebuyers. 

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit to find a loan, get a rate or calculate your payment today.


Housing market has promising future in 2015

Economists anticipate a stronger housing market in 2015 due to a number of factors that may propel real estate activity in the U.S., including a pent-up volume of first-time homebuyers, more affordable rates and increased accessibility of home loans. In addition, applications for U.S. home mortgages increased in February. 

The first-time homebuyer is up to bat. The number of individuals who have not yet invested in real estate is expected to expand in 2015. According to Kiplinger, a financial and business publication, the volume of first-time homebuyers is forecast to account for roughly 30% of total real estate activity. A healthy housing market in the past typically stood at around 35%.

Total sales of existing homes are expected to increase to 5.35 million from 4.29 million the previous year. On a year-over-year basis, new home sales are projected to increase 19%.

In addition, the available inventory of homes which were recently built is quickly declining. Demand for real estate is rising, with home values increasing accordingly. 

U.S. home mortgage interest rates may attract more buyers. Freddie Mac released its U.S. Weekly Averages for home loans for the week ending March 5 and the average national interest rate among lending institutions had dipped substantially. Average interest for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage stood at 3.75% and a 15-year FRM stood at 3.03%.

The Washington Post noted that current interest rates can lead to substantial savings when compared to the previous year's mortgages. 

"Mortgage rates fell across the board, with the 30-year fixed rate mortgage reading 3.75 percent this week," said Len Kiefer, Freddie Mac's deputy chief economist, according to the Washington Post. "Real GDP growth for the fourth quarter was revised down to 2.2 percent. Consumer prices fell more than expected in January, tumbling 0.7 percent."

Loan standards altered to encourage more potential homeowners to enter the market. Lower down payment options available through government-backed lenders like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae provide a more affordable alternative for qualified hopeful borrowers. In addition, the Federal Housing Administration's recent announcement to reduce rates associated with annual insurance premiums for FHA loans can save borrowers nearly $1,000 and may entice new buyers, further bolstering the housing market.

These recent changes in lending standards were intended to meet the needs of younger adults who want to purchase a home. 

Applications for home loans tick up. For the week ending February 27, mortgage applications jumped up 0.1% from the previous week when seasonally adjusted, and 12% on an unadjusted basis, according to a press release from the Mortgage Bankers Association. 

Applications for Veteran Affairs home loans increased 2 percentage points week over week and adjustable-rate mortgage applications ticked up to 5.4%. The number of refinanced mortgages remained the same at 62%. 

Historically low interest rates may have propelled an increase in mortgage applications with the potential to trigger greater loan activity in the near future as well.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit to find a loan, get a rate or calculate your payment today.