Power Your Potential

Five guiding principles drive all that we do at Academy Mortgage: Purpose, People, Passion, Productivity, and Performance, powering our full Potential—P6


Academy’s 5 P’s


Our Purpose is to build, nurture, protect, preserve, and promote a culture that Inspires Hope, Delivers Dreams, and Builds Prosperity in the lives of our employees, partners, homeowners, and communities.


Our People are the most valuable currency we hold. We are invested in and committed to attracting, retaining, and bonding with like-minded individuals (People who share our Passion for Purpose).


We are Passionate about creating FANS. We do this through the delivery of FANomenal experiences to homeowners, partners, and employees, which separates and differentiates us from our competition in ways that will drive market share.


We commit to continuous improvement, measurement, and accountability, with a hyper-focus on key practices and behaviors that increase personal, team, and organizational Productivity.


Performance is about winning, which at Academy is about our ability to sustainably drive profit, to Build Prosperity for our People, and achieve our Purpose.


“I firmly stand behind our Purpose, which is to Inspire Hope, Deliver Dreams, and Build Prosperity in the lives of our employees, partners, homeowners, and communities. We professionally and personally invest in our People, who share our Passion to fulfill our mission. We commit to continually enhancing the ease of doing business to drive Productivity. We measure our Performance by how well we’ve achieved our Purpose, which brings us full circle.”



“Potential is defined as having or showing the capacity to develop in the future. Academy 5 P’s—Purpose, People, Passion, Productivity, and Performance—power Potential. I believe every person has the extraordinary abilities to achieve their Potential and help others to achieve their Potential as well. Academy commits to investing in you and helping you close any gaps in reaching your Potential. We recognize that your power to achieve your Potential will power the growth and future of Academy.”

—James Mac Pherson, PRESIDENT

Academy Mortgage is continually searching for the brightest and most capable mortgage professionals to join our team. Whether you're looking to make a career move right now or are just interested in finding out a little bit about our company, we hope you will take the time to learn more about Academy.

This is an ever-changing industry, so knowing what your options are is always a positive move. Power Your Potential.