Careers: Production Team

A 1st Choice Opportunity Awaits at Academy Mortgage

Academy Mortgage invites performance- and purchase-driven Loan Officers to join in our mission to be the 1st CHOICE home loan lender in the industry.

We are a purchase-focused, relationship-building, and customer-experience company with a unique corporate culture. As a large company, we are financially strong and able to provide you with a vast number of origination, sales, marketing, compliance, and other resources and tools. Yet we still maintain the agility, flexibility, and sense of family you would expect of a small company.

As family, we take care of our Loan Officers at Academy Mortgage, and we care about your success. Every system and process is designed to support you in building your business and achieving your goals.




Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a few of our Production Team members say about working with Academy Mortgage.

James Nesbit

“I’ve been in the business for 20 years and have gone through four different company acquisitions, most recently Academy Mortgage’s acquisition of Republic Mortgage Home Loans' assets. Change is hard, and I was nervous about the move, but I can honestly say that my transition to Academy was the smoothest by far.

“I chose to work at Republic Mortgage because I wanted to be affiliated with a smaller lender that allowed for your own decision-making. Despite being a larger company, I have found this flexibility at Academy, as well as lots of support from management, marketing, and operations. We have 30% more programs and products at Academy than we did at Republic, and the pricing is extremely competitive for my marketplace. I have also picked up referral partners simply because of the unique technology at Academy.

“As a result of the systems that Academy offers, I surpassed my production for all of one year in just seven months at Academy. If you are looking to build your business, Academy has the platforms to ensure you will succeed.”

—James N.


“Academy Mortgage provides me with local operations, in-house processing, common-sense underwriting, and hassle-free appraisal management. Even though Academy is a large, national firm, it has the flexibility to adapt, allowing me to operate in a way that benefits me, my customers, and the company as a whole. Work is no longer a fire drill. My loans close quickly and on time.”

—Sam R.

Deb L.

“Being a part of Academy Mortgage has been life-changing, both personally and professionally. From the top executive leadership to local management, there is a sense of family and that your personal and professional well-being matters. As an organization, we care about one another, the clients who we serve, the communities that we live in, and the business relationships that rely on our services. I’m proud to be part of Academy and the important work that we do.”

—Deb L.

Careers - Operations Team


Behind every home loan is a hardworking and supportive team of processors, underwriters, and closers. Academy Mortgage recognizes the crucial role you play.


Home Office

At Academy Mortgage, everyone contributes to delivering the dream of homeownership; from Finance and Accounting to Marketing and IT. Everyone works together to get the job done.