Read Between the Lines

When shopping for a mortgage, it’s not enough to read the fine print.

Inevitably, the number one goal homebuyers have when shopping for a mortgage is finding the lowest interest rate possible.

We get it.

That’s why at Academy Mortgage, we strive to offer competitive interest rates specifically for your market.

But it’s important to keep in mind that the loan product with the lowest interest rate may not be the right loan solution for you! In fact, getting into the wrong home loan may end up costing you thousands of dollars, wiping out any savings from a low interest rate.

So, if you’ve found a low interest rate product that seems too good to be true, it probably is! Get a second opinion from Academy Mortgage. Your local team of mortgage professionals are experienced and knowledgeable not only in loan origination but in recognizing the nuances unique to your area. They all live and have purchased homes in your community, too!

Our team will walk you through the entire loan process and educate you on all your options, ultimately customizing a solution that best fits your needs and financial situation. It is of utmost importance that we protect our customers and safeguard their financial wellness for many years to come.

It’s not about the rate. It’s about getting the right home loan for you. Contact your local Academy Mortgage Branch today.


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