Making a Millennial Milestone Materialize

Buying a Home

greater-net-worthEighty percent of millennials say homeownership is part of their American Dream. And for good reason:
  • The average net worth of a homeowner is nearly 45x greater than renters.
  • Children of homeowners do better in school.
  • Homeowners are 2.5x more likely to be in good health.
  • Owning a home increases the number of hours spent volunteering.

Quality of life, education, good health, and local activism are all things millennials hold dear. So, what’s stopping them from making their dream of homeownership a reality? Among a varied list of reasons, the most common are:

  • Don’t have enough saved for a down payment
  • Low income
  • Too much debt
  • Poor credit history

good-healthFor the majority of millennials—or any group of potential homebuyers for that matter—these obstacles to homeownership are simply beliefs or perceptions. A lack of knowledge about the numerous home loan solutions on the market, which can be customized to nearly any lending situation, is really the primary barrier to overcome.

That’s where Academy Mortgage comes in. Our teams have deep knowledge and experience working with first-time homebuyers. With one of the largest product portfolios in the industry, our top priority is finding and designing the best loan solution for each homebuyer’s unique situation, which may include loan programs with no or low down payments and options for down-payment and closing cost assistance. We also offer special programs for Veterans, homebuyers in certain occupations, and homebuyers looking for rural housing.

Stop doubting whether homeownership is possible for you based on what you believe to be true—get the facts! We’re confident you will find homeownership to be more affordable and attainable than you think.

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