Can Quick Be Too Quick?

Finding the right mortgage lender to meet your needs may seem as easy as a quick phone call. After all, in today’s gig economy, is there really a point in going out into the real world to get something that could simply be delivered? It’s easy enough to have everything you’ve ever wanted delivered to your doorstep. Is buying a home any different? 

Actually, it is. 

A mortgage is one of the biggest purchases most people are likely to make in their lifetime. Cookie-cutter solutions that pop off a factory-like assembly line in a call center won’t work for everyone. Sometimes a future homebuyer only discovers this over the phone several weeks into the loan application process with a Loan Officer in a far away location.

Investing time and energy into a relationship with your Loan Officer translates into a personalized solution for your needs. All lenders are different, but you should know before you get deep into the process with a lender—for instance, who is based totally over the phone in a big, factory-style office—whether or not they can provide you with specialized loan products. 

We offer one of the largest product portfolios in the industry as well as a range of specialized loans including Jumbo Loans, Doctor Loans, and Renovation Loans, in addition to our standard loan products. Being aware of your options means you can make the best choice for you and your family. 

The best part about a local lender like Academy is that you can interact with your Loan Officer in real life! Meeting face-to-face gives you both the opportunity to discover if you’re a good fit and gives you the chance to answer other critical questions about your relationship. 

By meeting with your local lender you can:  

  • discover early on that they offer the right array of loan products that could work for you
  • benefit from their market insights into your area and their knowledge about special or limited-time products
  • have the chance to express your needs to them without feeling rushed
  • experience the kind of personalized service that identifies you as a unique person with specific requirements

Quick isn’t always the perfect solution. Save your time, money, and dreams by meeting with a real lender, in a real office, who’s got roots in your community. 

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