Four Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

Deciding to buy or sell a home can be a difficult choice all by itself. But once you make that decision and really commit to the idea, we gotta say, brilliant and great job! But don’t rest on your laurels just yet—the battle has only begun.

Now you have to make yet another complicated decision: do you buy or sell with an agent or do you skip an agent and go with the new kid on the block: home-buying software?

Granted, there are times when saving money is the only bottom line driving the decision. A variety of reasons can crop up—not enough equity, a very expensive move on the horizon, and others. These issues will factor into the decision for every buyer or seller. That’s personal and you have to do what you have to do. Makes sense.

But, figuring out answers to these complex questions takes time. And because you’re busy with other things like figuring out the ideal time to sell, where to move to next, or where to buy, we did this huge favor of gathering some info on how to make a choice between a real estate agent or no agent/online agent software.  

The Human Touch

Providing that you find an agent with whom you really click, nothing quite compares to the interactions you’ll get through working with a flesh-and-blood human rather than something that’s more akin to a narrow portal into an office building somewhere.

Online software may save money initially, but the connection a buyer or seller makes with their agent—who will work with your best interests in mind—is infinitely more valuable, because they can navigate your needs, desires, and concerns much better than an algorithm.

This is the crux of the distinctions, the granddaddy of the comparison. One is a human, the other not a human (big revelation there, right?). As such, there are many parts of selling or buying that one can do and the other cannot. Keep that in mind in light of the other factors.

For Buying, Location Specific Insights

Agents know the lay of the land better than the average citizen and dare we say it, better than a program that only pushes data. Not every buyer is going to be looking for a home in a new neighborhood or a distant location, but this where that connection between you and an agent can really help the buying process work for you.

For example, maybe you want to buy a home in an area with top-rated schools for your children. Some of the online programs may offer an option to select buy school district, and many may not.

Contrast that with a few words to an agent on your list of wants and that factor is weighed in immediately. They likely already know that information and can work it in quickly.

Agents often also offer real-world relationships with local sources such as builders, title companies, mortgage brokers, and loan officers. Those connections work for you and are the icing on the cake you may never see but will positively impact your experience.

Diplomatic Negotiations

When your personal interests are on the line, maintaining a level head during the negotiation phase could prove to be the undoing of your sale or purchase. When working to sell on your own or with agent software, this ball will be in your court.

To illustrate, let’s say you’ve gotten past the hairy stages of seeing properties or having your property seen as you work with a non-human agent (or none). Burnout is setting in. How much longer can this go on? At this point, you feel like a six-year-old on a family trip; the words “are we there yet” claw their way to your lips. A lot.

Enter the buyers or sellers, offering less money than you listed your property for, or conversely, asking for more money. How could they? Don’t they know?

Nothing can kill a sale quicker than an inexperienced negotiator. This is part of what an agent does to earn their commission—an experienced one instinctively knows what is fair and what isn’t. That is based on their history of buying and selling, of working in your area. They have wisdom and you have the guarantee that they’ll work with your best interests in mind (this guarantee comes with being a licensed agent).

The Art of Footwork

One thing to keep in mind is just how much time it requires to hunt for a house or work to bring your listing to market. It’s the aspect of buying and selling that many non-agents may not consider. Not too surprising, because for many people, buying a house or selling a house comes up only a few times in their life.

While agent software can schedule all the complicated parts of listing or buying a house, a great real estate agent will be there to walk you through all of it. They offer insights into everything from how much you can reasonably expect to list your house for, to how best to stage your home when the photographer shows up, which can increase what you make on the sale.

When it comes right down to it, we know you’ll make the choice that’s best for you and your circumstances. And when you do that, we’ll be there, having your back and helping you get the loan that best suits your needs.


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