5 Fall-Inspired Dishes for Maximum Coziness

Autumn, there’s something so lovely and so… French about that word. No surprises there, actually. The root of this word that carries so much old-world magic comes from l’automne, which is French for ‘autumn.’ Revelatory, right?

But let’s not get too far into the weeds on that topic. Rather, let’s explore one of the more cozy aspects of the season. We’re talking specifically about how we spread light and warmth within the home as summer ends and colder temperatures migrate in, bringing shorter days and longer nights, and we retire into our homes for warm meals beneath flickering candlelight.

We put together some of our favorite meals to share with you here and help you celebrate this time gathering around the table as the winds beat against our windows and cold nights gather on the threshold.

Keep reading to check them out, click the links for full recipes, and enjoy!

Baked Stuffed Pumpkin. This one struck us as absolute perfection when we first laid eyes upon it. Filled with fall flavors like sausage, ripe apples, pumpkin, and onions, this couscous dish positively bursts with autumnal colors like the deep burgundy of the cranberries and the brilliant oranges of the pumpkin.

The autumn vibe will be strong around the dinner table as you sit down to eat. Serve it in the pumpkin shell it was baked in, and revel in the fragrance of the seasonally inspired ingredients that warm your home.

Get baking here!

Old-Fashioned Beef Stew. A stew never fits better than during the cold months when the components that fill it out are full of the nutrients we’ll need to shore up our bodies during the darker months. Potatoes, carrots, and onions deliciously complement the beef in this classic stand-by.

Craft it according to the recipe or toss in some of the suggestions found in the comments (we did both!) and dig in to this hearty, delicious meal. Whatever you do, relish your time fussing over it on a cold afternoon, listening to the simmer of stew as the snow flies outside.

Start your stew!

Slow Cooker Jalapeño Popper White Bean Chili. Another favorite around our households, with this dish it’s prep for twenty minutes or so, then toss it all into the slow-cooker for eight hours and forget about it. That is, forget about it for as long as you’re able to ignore the delectable fragrance of cozy warmth emanating from your kitchen all day long.

Get your chili popping!

Bratwurst and Sauerkraut with Apples and Onion. Oktoberfest has become a staple in many regions for various reasons, but even after October has whisked by and the vendor booths and oompah bands have retired for the season, keep the spirit alive with this phenomenal dish that combines the glow of the autumn harvest with apples, onion, and potatoes.

What makes this dish really sparkle is the light tang of the sauerkraut that’s got a lovely, apple-sweet crunch. Meanwhile, the mashed potatoes with pepper and apple juice honestly launch the whole meal into the stratosphere, but our advice is to bring it back home, into the cozy walls of your abode. That’s what this is about, after all—achieving maximum toastiness with comfort foods.

Fire up the grill!

Vegan Fall Harvest Bowl. We’ve had many styles of delicious Buddha bowls. This fall-centric favorite uses a list of autumn ingredients—meaning, it really shines with the most ripe local fare you might find spilling out of the local farmer’s markets. Roasted butternut squash, chopped apple, and olive-oil dusted carrot rounds. Roast the vegetables in the oven and then top your bowl with a delectable dressing and experience the cozy glow of a warm, plant-based meal.

Go "bowling"!


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