Plan for the Future with Pre-approval

The first day of spring officially breezed by and April’s getting underway. Collectively, we could use this seasonal change and the warmer temperatures it promises. Winter has taken its usual toll on the Northern Hemisphere (and then some!) and putting it behind us as a distant memory might be good for morale all around.

Spring means something different for everyone, but for many, it’s universally recognized as the time to buy and sell a home. If you’ve been wondering how you can get ahead on the house-hunting season, we’ve got an idea for you: though rates are changing day to day, this is still a great time to get pre-approved.

Pre-approval Is the First Step in Your Next Chapter

Pre-approval is a perfect way to bring some measure of personal control back into your life. What that means for you as a homebuyer is that you can move quickly on the home of your dreams when rates improve and the time for you to buy is right.

But what is pre-approval? Glad you asked! Pre-approval is an initial look at your income, credit, and loan options which will give you a general idea how much you can borrow to buy a house.

Getting pre-approved sends a signal to sellers and agents that you’re a serious, qualified buyer. When you find a home and decide it’s the right one for you, there’s less uncertainty on your end when you choose to make an offer—you have the confidence to know that you can follow through on the next steps, and consequently, so does the seller. That gives you the upper hand when it’s time for the seller to accept an offer.

Get Pre-approved Online

There’s never been a more relevant time than right now to know that you can connect online with a local lender so that you can plant roots right where you live. The coolest part about that? The Loan Officer is invested in your community as well. They’re not fielding calls from two thousand miles away in a call center. They’re down the street in an office, should you ever need to meet with them personally.

That said, using an app to secure your pre-approval like Academy’s My Mortgage app, will tell you immediately just what your financial situation affords you in terms of home-pricing.

Even during this time of social distancing, it’s possible to still move towards the goals you’ve set for yourself without needing to head out in public. That’s the sort of life-hacks we need in times like these!

Begin the Search for Your Dream Home

Now that you know just what you want to spend on a home and what’s realistic for your lifestyle, you can begin the search for where you envision yourself in a few weeks or months. As spring heats up and summer draws near, you’ll be that much closer to starting a new chapter when rates hit an ideal number and you can secure your loan.

If you’re ready to begin outlining your future, this is the right time to start. Even though the market seems unsettled now, the future is yet to be written. We have weathered many storms and will continue to do just that. In the meantime, when you’re ready to take control of one aspect of your future, give us a call! We have what you need at Academy Mortgage and our goals remain the same: to Inspire Hope, Deliver Dreams, and Build Prosperity.

Note: Pre-approval is not a commitment to lend.


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