Five Easy Ways to Prepare in Winter to Sell Your Home in Spring

It’s time to get your game on! We mean your life game. Lower case life. Not that other version, the trademarked one and not the Super Bowl. That revered football winter tradition is behind us now—the blessed occasion did its job of breaking up the monotony of the cold season and post-December holidays. 

But what’s left for us to look forward to now, while we finish suffering our way through winter? We’ve got some ideas! 

Spring is a distant light on the horizon, and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we read spring as house-hunting season. We do, and because we’re so desperate for a change from the winter gloom, our thoughts are focused on how to get ready for a spring sale in February. 

Is selling your house and buying a new one in the cards for you? Is that the change you’re looking for? 

If you said yes, or even maybe, we’ve got some great tips for you. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be jazzed up to get the job done by the time you finish, but we hope that’s what happens! 

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Do a Preliminary Walk-through 

If you’re planning a future sale, consider having your agent do a quick pass-through. This is a good idea for multiple reasons. They know your market and possess insights into what sells a house better than anyone. Having an objective source guide you about what updates or changes should be done before your house goes on the market could save you a lot of stress and headaches. 

There’s a fair to middling chance that your real estate agent will suggest some of the items on our list. But if you choose not to go with an agent, you’ll have to make the decisions on your own about what you do in order to move your house not just quickly, but for the best price as well. 

Freshen Up with a Coat of Paint

The longer we’re exposed to something, the more we become used to it. That’s just human psychology. While that makes our homes comforting to be in, it also means that we lose our awareness of the state of our abode. There might be dirty handprints all over the doors and walls that we somehow don’t even notice any more (from the kids!)!

Easy fix! Slapping on fresh paint to give your home a shiny new look can go a long way to boosting its appeal. If that’s not in the books in terms of cash flow, covering up dings and dents with touch-up paint gets the job done. 

Pack Away the Clutter

Give your living conditions a critical look and take note of what you can live without and what you can’t. The things that add a homey, unique vibe to you might strike a potential homebuyer as quirky, eccentric, or off-putting. 

The idea is to convey a sense of universal appeal to your living space. When a possible homebuyer walks through, you want them to be able to imagine themselves living in your space.

Stacks of books, a bowl of odds and ends that have accumulated over the weeks (or years—you’re meaning to put that stuff away, really!), and countertop appliances that you use infrequently should all be stowed in cabinets. The great news is that because you’re starting early, you’ll be able to give away what you never use or even rent a storage unit for a few months to cut back on clutter and give your space a comfortably spacious sense. 

Talk to Your Loan Officer

Today is the time to find out if you have gremlins in your credit score. If you’ve been adulting like a pro for a while now, you might know the answers already. 

Credit looks good? Fabulous. If not, right now is the moment to expose all your credit blemishes and get them fixed. Though credit can take a while to adjust, there’s no time like the present and having a handle on what the future holds can ease the stress of the unknown. 

Your loan officer can check as you find out how much new house you can afford, or you can apply for your free annual credit report and get busy with tracking down problems or misreported issues. Check out our article about this here.

Make a List

Not the list-making type? Skip this one. 

But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already operating at a level 50 wizard and this very task is on your actual list. Let’s talk lists, then. You might call a list a plan of attack, a strategy, a way to focus your efforts. All the legendary generals, wizards, and ninjas have used them. 

For you, now, a list will cut away the fat and give you the leanest, quickest look at what you’ve got to do to get your house and finances ready for a killer spring sale. 

By summer, you could be watering the flower beds in your new digs or arranging your office furniture in your new office. Today’s your day to start, build up steam, and charge into tomorrow. 

Check out more of our homebuying articles or contact one of our loan officers today to get more insight into what your future has in store.


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