Sep 09 2022

10 mortgage shortcuts you should try

Homebuying doesn't have to be hard. Try one of these mortgage hacks.

Homeownership sparks joy and boosts the economy

There are plenty of reasons to become a homeowner: a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of security, a deeper connection to your community, and an opportunity to build your prosperity. Becoming a homeowner can also bring you joy and help stimulate the economy.

Here’s how:

  • Pride of ownership is a byproduct of owning a house. When a space is all your own—and no longer under the watchful eye of a landlord— personal pride and satisfaction can follow.
  • The 2022 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) shows that updating or customizing your home can help increase your ease and comfort.
  • In the report, this is measured with a “Joy Score,” reflecting the amount of happiness that may be gained by certain home upgrades.
  • “There were numerous interior projects that received a perfect Joy Score of 10: paint entire interior of home, paint one room of home, add a new home office, hardwood flooring refinish, new wood flooring, closet renovation, insulation upgrade, and attic conversion to living area,” the report states.

It’s true that larger projects can take time. But according to the report, joy can come from completing smaller tasks too—like repainting a room to make it yours. An added advantage of making home upgrades is that it can help to increase the value of your house, further building your prosperity.

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  • When you buy a home, or when you sell your home and buy a new one, it doesn’t just impact you. It also has a positive influence on your local community.
  • Another NAR report, measuring the economic effect of a home sale, confirms that both existing and new build home sales help to stimulate the economy.
  • The report finds that a single newly built home sale has an economic impact of $113,200; the economic impact of an existing home sale is $54,400.
  • These impact numbers vary by state and include real estate industry income generated, related home purchase expenses, the multiplier effect as income is recirculated back into the economy, and new home construction costs.

How can the sale of one home have so much influence on the economy? Much of this has to do with the many industries that participate in the homebuying process—contractors, real estate agents, Loan Officers, lawyers, inspectors, and insurance agents, to name a few.

The data show that buying a home doesn’t just bring you joy. It plays an important part in helping to build and better your local community. For many prospective homebuyers, understanding the value of your contribution is enough to empower your decision.

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