Jul 27 2022

6 life-changing stories from our clients

Read a few stories about how we've created life-changing experiences through lending.

Every one of our customer stories is one worth telling. That’s because we treat each loan like it’s one-of-a-kind, customized to fit our clients like a glove, address their unique needs, and make dreams of homeownership possible.

For some clients, like Jillinda and her daughter, this looks like delivering dreams of first-time homeownership with dignity and care. For others, it means keeping hope alive—allowing buyers like Chris to finally buy a house as a newly divorced and disabled Veteran. To learn more, keep reading.

Can you really change lives through lending?

Here’s what our borrowers have to say about their Academy Mortgage experience:

1. ‘You saved my daughter.’


When Jillinda’s daughter called her at her office and told her she was preparing to buy her first home from another lender, Jillinda asked, “Can you tell me what your interest rate is?”

“I got a little anxious as a mom,” Jillinda says. When she heard her daughter’s answer, Jillinda called Derek, her Academy Mortgage Loan Officer, and asked if he could take a look at her daughter’s paperwork. After their meeting, Jillinda’s daughter called her crying. She was moved by the fact that Derek treated her like a human being, never made her feel ignorant, and, ultimately, saved her $42,000.

2. ‘A bit of a miracle’ for a Veteran’s widow.


After losing her husband in action, another Academy Mortgage customer secured a VA Loan and began building her new home. Though Academy Mortgage stayed in touch with the VA almost daily to track progress, the customer’s loan was unexpectedly denied at the last minute.

In what can only be described as “a bit of a miracle,” Jason’s Academy Mortgage team was able to save the loan for this customer and her children—enabling her to close on her home, using a different type of loan, in only five days.

We’re here to make mortgage meaningful. Find the right Loan Officer for you.

3. After a devastating flood: ‘The fire department came up for sale.’


Going back through Midland, Michigan, the day after it flooded was almost eerie, Jennifer recalls. Tires, boats, and debris littered the town, moved and left behind by the flood waters.

When the fire department was listed for sale following the flood, Jennifer jokingly told her husband. As luck would have it, they both fell for the property after seeing it. Jennifer and her husband say that they thank Academy Mortgage for giving them the chance to turn this unusual property into a great home. “[Academy Mortgage] just knocks it out of the park,” Jennifer says.

4. ‘He’s not just my lender—he’s actually become my friend.’


After retiring from the military as a rescue specialist and going through a divorce, Chris hoped to buy his own house. “I was having trouble getting approved through another lender,” Chris explains. “And my real estate agent said, ‘Let me introduce you to Jeff at Academy Mortgage.’”

Just two weeks later, Chris was approved and ready to purchase. Staying connected with Jeff—and ultimately forming a friendship—made it possible for Chris to refinance two years later when mortgage rates dropped. Jeff also handled all of Chris’ state and local tax exemptions associated with a mortgage as a disabled Veteran: “He took care of everything for me.”

5. ‘I knew I was ready to buy a home.’


To help first-time homebuyer Jose feel confident in his decision, the answer was education. Fortunately, he had a connection. Jose says he and his Loan Officer, Tera, actually met on the field 10 years ago. “She used to play on another soccer team when I coached. She eventually switched teams and played for my team, and we’ve been good friends ever since.”

After attending Tera’s first-time homebuyer class, Jose says he learned so much that he knew he was ready to purchase. Tera sat down with Jose and went over the numbers, and he was able to start shopping right away. “The reason I refer her to clients and friends is because she’s very trustworthy, she knows what’s best for you, and you can count on her,” says Jose.

6. ‘I thought I’d never be able to own a home.’


“I’ll be 70 this year,” says Jency. After a lifetime of thinking she’d never become a homeowner, working with Mary, her Academy Mortgage Loan Officer, changed everything. Jency shares that Mary made her feel important.

“She showed me that she cares, and she wanted me to reach my goals and be the homebuyer that I want to be,” Jency says. Now, Jency has exactly what she wanted—her own two-bedroom, two-bath home with a garage and a patio.

Service is at the heart of all we do at Academy Mortgage. It’s part of who we are; it’s engrained in our culture. Most recently, we introduced Academy’s Social Impact Program—created to better support our team members’ efforts to serve where they stand, in ways that are meaningful to them. Now, team members can apply for and receive matching grants to serve within their communities.

This heart of service is how we inspire hope behind the scenes, and it extends to how we serve our borrowers.

Who can you trust with your story?

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