Joe Edwards

NMLS# 205013

Branch Manager

Joe Edwards
Branch Manager

NMLS# 205013
State Lic: AZ # 0913714;
2150 East Highland Avenue
Suite 212
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Direct: (480) 256-9070
Mobile: (480) 650-4142
Fax: (888) 232-3115

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This was by far easier than I ever imagined. I was prepared for a month and a half full of hell, but Joe and his team took exceptional care. Most notably, Joe really assisted when our real estate agent was slacking. I have never met Joe in person as he was a recommendation but after this experience I know I have met our mortgage officer for all future home purchases. Additionally Joe was able to support us from his office in Scottsdale, even though there is a local Academy Mortgage office here in Flagstaff. Brett Davila
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You have come to the right place for all of your lending needs. I am a licensed mortgage consultant who has been in the financial industry since 2005. During my tenure in the mortgage industry a lot has changed. I pride myself with keeping up to date with the latest lending guidelines and programs that will help maximize the needs of my clients and industry partners. I work all walks of life, if you are a first time homebuyer, a veteran, or a Real Estate investor you are talking to the right mortgage professional. I have pulled and analyzed thousands of credit reports which made me the credit expert I am today.


Don’t get lost in the shuffle of working with a large bank and don’t let outside broker financing jeopardize your home mortgage. The average closing time for a mortgage loan is 45 days, but at Academy Mortgage it is 14 days. How do we do it? We are the mortgage banker (lender), we underwrite, draw docs, and fund FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and Conventional loans right here in our Chandler office. If I have a question about your loan I can walk down the hall and get the question answered in person, not wait days for a response.


We offer many marketing options for our Realtor partners! Our marketing department can create email drip campaigns, produce and distribute branded videos, create flyers for open houses, help amplify your listings on social media, provide signage and decorations for properties and so much more! Just ask me for more information. I would be happy to sponsor you or any other agents with cobranded marketing.


I look forward to assisting you or your clients with all of your mortgage needs. For your convenience, feel free to use the secure online application link below. Once you have submitted your information, I will be notified and you can expect a phone call from me shortly!

NMLS# 205013

State Lic: AZ: 0913714;

Corp Lic: AZ: BK-0904081;


You've Decided To Buy a Home-Now What?

KELLY’S KORNER — YOU’VE DECIDED IT’S TIME TO BUY A HOME. NOW WHAT? You have decided you want to buy a home—now what? What do you do first? If you are like most first-time homebuyers, you start looking online at homes you think you can afford, and you may even call the listing agent for that home. If the Realtor is a professional, the first thing they will ask is if you are pre-approved. The first thing you need to do is take inventory. Yes, take inventory of your savings, your spending habits, your monthly expenses, and what your credit looks like. You need to start by looking at your bank accounts. How much do you have in your savings account? You will need to have at least 3-3½% for down payment. You will also need to have money saved up for closing costs, moving expenses, and for the cost of moving utilities. Closing costs will vary depending on the state you live in. Florida closing costs contains fees such as: appraisal fees, document stamps, intangible taxes and title insurance. Speak with a mortgage professional to find out costs in your area. January is a month of new beginnings, so if you do not currently have a budget, start one. I have an excellent budget worksheet that I like to give clients. When planning a budget, you should be realistic about what your expenses will be for the year. Be sure to include money you need for car repairs, medical expenses, family’s and friends’ birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. And don’t forget to budget for some fun. If you do not leave funds in your budget to do the things you love to do, you will fail. Budgeting is not a punishment—it is a way for us to achieve our financial goals. Checking out what your credit looks like is also very important. Your credit score will affect your interest rate on your mortgage and other loans you may take out. It also affects what you might pay on home owners insurance. Always remember that individuals with excellent credit will be rewarded with lower rates. Individuals with poor credit will receive higher interest rates because of the potential risk that the borrower will not pay on the loan and it could go bad. Once a year, on your birthday, check out what is on your credit. Review it to make sure everything on there is yours and is being reported correctly. You don’t need to pay for your score—just look at the report. For more information on these topics, contact Kelly Stinefast with Academy Mortgage and I can discuss your unique scenario. Kelly Stinefast Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS # 679724 Florida ID#L029020 Corp NMLS #3113 Fl. Lender ID # MLD241 3665 Bee Ridge Rd Suite 210 Sarasota FL. 34232 941-916-8001 ×

Section 3 federal program adjusted to better help low-income residents

A stronger job economy will help boost the housing market and allow more individuals to gain access to conventional loans and ultimately achieve homeownership. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development indicated that it plans to make changes to a current federal program, entitled Section 3, and strengthen its mission to stimulate local economies.

Alterations to Section 3 expected to connect low-income workers with better job opportunities. HUD plans to provide resources for low-income residents to obtain training and jobs to stimulate employment growth. Section 3 policy works to provide low-income residents and workers with resources, such as public housing or new businesses to enhance community development, according to HUD. 

"All Americans should have the chance to contribute to the development and growth of their own communities," said Julián Castro, HUD's secretary. "These Section 3 initiatives will connect more hard-working folks and small businesses to local economic opportunities, giving them new tools to secure a more prosperous future."

Section 3 Business Registry serves as resource for low-income residents. HUD described the Section 3 Business Registry as an opportunity for agencies to receive funds and connect with contractors and developers from HUD. It includes a listing of various businesses that meet the definition of a Section 3 operation. The complete catalog of all firms can be accessed on an online database. Businesses can gain access to funding through HUD by being listed on the registry. However, they might also need to demonstrate that they are able to further their growth as a result of acquired funding. This database can also be used to connect residents with employment opportunities.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.


Applications decrease slightly for the week ending March 11

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the total number of applications for U.S. home mortgages fell slightly for the week ending March 11.

Applications drop when compared to the previous week. The weekly survey, released every Wednesday by the MBA, indicated a 3.3% decrease from a week earlier. On an unadjusted basis, the Market Composite Index, which measures mortgage loan application volume, only fell 3% on a week-over-week basis.

The Refinance Index fell 6% from the previous week, and the share of refinance applications hit its lowest level since August 2015. For the week ending March 11, refinance activity only accounted for 55% of all applications.

The share of home loans through the Federal Housing Administration fell from 12% the previous week to 11.7% the week ending March 11. Adjustable-rate mortgage applications also fell 4.9%.

Lower demand puts the power back in the hands of buyers. With fewer individuals applying for a home mortgage, interested buyers have more wiggle room to negotiate final selling prices and will face less competition when searching for the homes of their dreams.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Urban Development reported new residential construction activity rose in February. Housing starts increased 5.2% from the revised January estimate and are 30.9% higher when compared on a year-over-year basis.

A higher number of available properties bodes well for interested buyers planning to begin their search for a new home during the busy spring season. Many individuals looking for homes will have better luck finding one at an affordable price. 

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2015 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.