Brett Mills MBA, CMB, AMP, BLM, CML

NMLS# 11431

Area Manager - Producing


The experience we had with Academy Mortgage was exceptional. They were very helpful and had our paperwork completed in a timely manner.Wendy Barker
Great experience, everything was fantastic.Cody Bock
Our experience with Academy Mortgage was excellent. Brett and Kym were very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. The process from the initial meeting through closing was streamlined to perfection. We couldn't have been more pleased with this organization.Brett Weaver
Academy mortgage, and the people who work there are the easiest and most knowledgeable people you could ever meet. It's like a well oiled machine. No unexpected surprises and very straight forward. I will recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for a mortgage company. Thank you Brett and your Team. You guys are AWESOME!!Daniel Green
I highly recommend Brett Mills and Academy Mortgage. I have working with Brett for many years. He is very knowlegable in all aspects of the lending industry. I always refer my clients to Brett. He has always been helpful to any of my clients, from first time homebuyers, to luxury homes and investors.Susan Dehaan
Everything about the process was handled professionally and with the goal to help us through it and to keep us updated on the process. It was a great experience for us. Kent Arrington
Brett was a tremendous resource in understanding the financial options available to me and helped me get the home I wanted. He and his team were fantastic and I highly recommend them. Wade Taylor
The entire process of getting our new home was very quick, easy, and efficient! Anytime we had a questions or concern we received an answer right away!Hayley Larsen
It was wonderful to work Brett and his team. I am very grateful to be saving the money by switching to a 15 year loan and dropping mortgage insurance. I am also appreciate the extra time taken to approve our loan with the short sale history that we have.Tige Clayton
Brett, Jess and Kym were great to work with. They are all very professional and responsive.Shawn Whetten
We have appreciated working with Brett and the Academy Mortgage team. It's comforting to know that when our clients use Academy for their financing needs, they will be handled in a professional and efficient manner. That saves our clients a lot of frustration and saves us, as a home builder, a lot of frustration as well. We highly recommend Brett and the Academy team. Steve
It was great to get your help and suggestions and to come up with a home loan that work amazing to get me in a home. Kevin Kelsey
Something to be said about going with someone that not only is recommended by a realtor and your financial adviser, but also someone that you worked with in the past.Darin Campbell
My overall experience was great. I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend or family member to your company.Bryon Schmidt
They are the most honest upfront lenders I have worked with Marie
Communication during the underwriting stage was inconsistent and sometimes confusing. When I met with Brett before underwriting, he explained we could use the extra money from my refinance to pay off other debts. There were two methods to do this. One, Academy could take care of the check and send it to the lender. Or two, Academy could write a check directly to me and I could pay my lender. I loved the idea of having Academy take care of it because it would save me time. However, during the underwriting phase, the person helping me told me I needed to provide pay stubs for Academy to pay my lender. But it seemed like the documentation required depended on the type of debt. For example, I didn't need pay stubs for Academy to pay my existing mortgage off. But, I did need pay stubs for Academy to pay my credit card lender. I felt like the person helping me made a lot of assumptions about what I understood i.e. she assumed I knew more than I did. I gave up trying to understand and asked the checks be written to me, so I didn't have to provide the extra documentation. The experience wasn't terrible. It just made me nervous because I wasn't sure I understood why the document requirements were different depending on the method my lenders were paid. All of the information emailed to me explaining the process was excellent and helpful. It feels like materials for educating the customer are lacking for the underwriting stage. Below, I clicked no in regard to "Would you like to be contacted regarding your feedback?" I don't need you to contact me; I don't have any concerns to address over the phone or in person. However, you are welcome to contact me if you have questions about my feedback. David Trotter
This is the 3rd time we have used Academy Mortgage and if we ever needed to do a home loan or refinance in the future our first choice would be Academy Mortgage.Edward Cosnyka
Generally speaking, the experience with Academy was pretty seamless. The paperwork was all done correctly and the first meeting with Brett was very informative. Their estimates were accurate so by the time I went to closing, I knew exactly what was going on. My loan processor Kym was fantastic. She kept me in the loop and and was very proactive about getting my paperwork completed.Carlee Hansen
Exceptional as always-love the video tutorials.Malcom Whitney
The guided interaction with the buyers and the Realtor was exceptional. We have never seen such an effective process.Janice Schrader

NMLS# 11431

State Lic: ID: MLO-11349; WY: 337; UT: 5499154; AZ: 0914694;

Corp Lic: ID: MBL-671; WY: 1386; UT: 5491140-MLCO; AZ: BK-0904081;