Jake Krabbe

NMLS# 877141

Mortgage Loan Officer

Jake Krabbe
Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 877141
State Lic: AZ # 0920357;
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Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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Welcome to Academy Mortgage!

I'm available 24/7 for all of your mortgage needs. As a native Iowan, I base my career as a mortgage banker on customer service, hard work, and integrity. I moved to Arizona in the summer of 2010 and began my career with Academy in March 2012.

In my first year as a loan officer I was honored with the distinction of Rookie of the Year. I continued my dedication to the industry and was awarded to the Top Producers Club for 2013. With a Relatively short time in the business, I have emphasized helping families into new homes offering conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. My focus on the customer experience has helped to grow my career and extend my network of realtors, home builders, title agencies, and over course satisfied home buyers.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions regarding the mortgage process and I look forward to helping you find your next home.

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Academy Mortgage is a cut above the rest for sure. They are not only know how to get the buyers closed on time but they are great to work with. Its nice to know your buyers are in good hands while going through the loan process. We have been extremely pleased with the service from Academy Mortgage over our 3 year relationship with them. Chad Melin and his team are awesome. They are always open to new suggestions on how to improve the process and make changes in a changing market. Shelby

NMLS# 877141

State Lic: AZ: 0920357;

Corp Lic: AZ: BK-0904081;


Rising rental rates may encourage homeownership

Buying a home might become a more appealing option for individuals. Experts expect rental rates to remain higher for a while, and purchasing real estate may prove to be a more affordable living arrangement.

Rental rates continue to increase. According to a press release from Zillow, an online real estate company, 51% of polled experts do not believe the affordability of rental units will improve for two or more years.

"Solving the rental affordability crisis in this country will require a lot of innovative thinking and hard work, and that has to start at the local level, not the federal level," said Stan Humphries, Zillow's chief economist. "Housing markets in general and rental dynamics in particular are uniquely local and demand local, market-driven policies."

The rising costs associated with renting may persuade more individuals to consider owning a home as a more affordable option. 

Homeownership more affordable than renting. Historically low interest rates on U.S. home mortgages, low down-payment options and the Federal Housing Administration's decision to lower mortgage insurance premiums may increase the attractiveness of buying real estate. The demand for rental properties is driving up rental prices, and changes to the cost of homeownership decreases those expenses.

Zillow noted that many current renters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the rising cost to rent. The hikes are encouraging some individuals to enter the housing market and purchase a home. Their potential contributions to the real estate market may continue to strengthen the continual recovery from the housing crisis in 2008. 

"Vacancy rates on rental units in the fourth quarter were down to 7 percent, the lowest in more than 20 years," said Nationwide Insurance's Chief Economist David W. Berson.

Realtor.com recommended comparing the costs between renting and buying before deciding which option is best for your local housing market. In some instances, renting is more costly. However, before buying, take a look at the local school district and the current graduation trend. Also, take notice of whether new businesses and restaurants are coming to a neighborhood or leaving. This can indicate whether purchasing a home in a certain area would be a quality investment.

Increasing rental expenses and more favorable homeownership conditions may persuade more people to purchase homes and bolster the housing market. 

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Consumers' confidence may help increase jobs

Consumers' increased confidence in the housing market may help boost not only the market but also the number of employment opportunities available. As people become more optimistic and more likely to purchase a new home, jobs in the housing sector will likely need to jump up accordingly.

Growth in consumers' financial optimism bodes well for real estate. According to a press release from Fannie Mae, a government-backed lender, respondents to the January 2015 National Housing Survey indicated that their incomes were notably higher when compared to a year ago. In addition, the proportion of individuals who believed their financial situations would improve further within the next year increased to 48%.

The share of individuals who believed it was a good time to purchase a new home jumped to 67%, and people who thought now was the time to sell increased to 44%. 

"Consumers are as positive about their personal finances at the start of 2015 as they have been since we launched the National Housing Survey in 2010, and this optimism seems to be spilling over into housing market attitudes," said Fannie Mae's Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Doug Duncan. "Consumers are more optimistic about the environment both for buying and for selling a home today, and the share who plan to own on their next move has jumped back up, reversing a three-month trend toward renting."

Duncan also noted that the results complemented lenders' confidence in U.S. home mortgages. The future of the housing market looks particularly bright, and an improving economy and job situation are expected to further bolster the housing market in 2015. 

Increased jobs available in housing sector. According to the Labor Department, employment related to housing has expanded. In January, residential construction jobs jumped 12,500 month over month.  That represents the most significant monthly growth in 13 years.

As the housing market experiences more activity, demand for jobs related to housing also expanded. The following jobs also saw increases in January:

"If there is an industry that has an opportunity to surprise, it is residential real estate," said Head of U.S. Economics at Renaissance Macro Research Neil Dutta?, Bloomberg Business reported. "We see strong growth in housing and construction-related industries for both white-collar and blue-collar workers."

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit www.academymortgage.com to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.


Cuts to FHA fees receive praise

On Jan. 7, President Barack Obama announced a plan to lower fees associated with home loans distributed by the Federal Housing Association. The reaction from the National Association of Home Builders, one of the largest trade associations in the nation, was overwhelmingly positive. The National Association of Realtors, another trade association, also announced support for the decision.

NAHB applauded Obama's plan. New-home construction may increase if demand rises due to lower fees. The Wall Street Journal reported economists' enthusiasm for the loosening qualifications required to apply for a U.S. home mortgage. With more accessible home loans, a greater volume of qualified borrowers are encouraged to enter the housing market. The NAHB valued the improved affordability and released a statement regarding its appreciation for the plan.

"NAHB commends the president for taking action to reduce FHA's annual mortgage insurance premiums by 50 basis points to 0.85%," said Kevin Kelly, the NAHB Chairman. Kelly also stated lower premiums may encourage and assist first-time home buyers enter the housing market. He also believed this was an indication of FHA's financial improvement. 

The association is confident in the president's decision. In addition, CNBC reported home? builder stocks were on the rise. Lennar, Toll Brothers, PulteGroup, KB Home and DR Horton saw gains after President Obama's announcement.

Members of the NAR agreed with the intended plan. The real estate association's opinion on Obama's announcement was also positive, according to its press release.

"As the leading advocate for homeowners, Realtors strongly support Obama's plan to reduce annual mortgage insurance premiums on home loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration, which are currently so expensive that in 2014, roughly 234,000 credit worthy borrowers were priced out of the market," said Chris Polychron, president of the NAR.

He continued to state affordable loans offered by the FHA would encourage first-time homebuyers that have been discouraged by higher fees. Over the past four years, the percentage of first-time buyers applying for FHA loans has decreased 17%.

Polychron stated that NAR predicts the execution of this plan could result in 90,000 to 140,000 additional home purchases each year. The real estate association forecast a great deal of growth in the housing market as a result of the president's announcement.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2013 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit www.academymortgage.com to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.