Mindy Ashdown

NMLS# 304388

Loan Officer

Mindy Ashdown
Loan Officer

NMLS# 304388
State Lic: UT # 5488805;
1250 East 200 South
Suite 1A & 1C
Lehi, UT 84043
Direct: (801) 901-6202
Mobile: (801) 376-5033

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It’s all about service at Academy Mortgage, and our company has been meeting the needs of homebuyers across the United States since 1988. I joined Academy because of its strong reputation for integrity—based mortgage lending, its unwavering commitment to responsible lending practices, and for its broad portfolio of mortgage solutions and tools.

Since joining Academy, I have helped many individuals and families attain the dream of homeownership. Whether you want to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, I will provide a customized solution for you at competitive rates. No brokering, no middleman, no hassle, no surprises.

Academy is a direct lender, which means that my Branch and Regional Offices are equipped to complete the entire loan process in—house—all loan processing, underwriting, closings, and funding are handled locally. As a result, we have a proven track record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible

I will be in control of your loan file from start to finish, and I will be up—to—date on the status of your loan at all times. I understand the importance of maintaining continuous communication throughout the loan process and commit to providing you accurate, timely, and honest mortgage advice.

I invite you to put us to the test. Let me show you how simple and easy securing a mortgage can be.

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Mindy was awesome. the whole process was easy and I love the videos you guys sent out, very educational and helped me understand the process!Steven Michels

NMLS# 304388

State Lic: UT: 5488805;

Corp Lic: UT: 5491140-MLCO;


From renters to buyers

The cost of renting an apartment continues to rise in many popular cities. In some instances, buying a home is now more affordable than continuing to rent a space to live. 

Millennial buyers expected to represent the largest demographic purchasing homes in 2015. According to Zillow, an online real estate company, renters who have been considering homeownership are now taking their first steps and applying for U.S. home mortgages. 

"We finally have more buyers who are serious now," said Cyndi Mino, an agent with First Team Real Estate Agents. "Landlords are raising rents ridiculously high, and people are saying, 'That's it - it's time to buy.'"

With more individuals deciding to make the transition to homeownership, the real estate market will likely continue to strengthen. Paying for a monthly mortgage will be more affordable and make more financial sense for many individuals. 

"They never thought they would or could buy, but with rents going up, if they can save enough money to buy, they'll pay less for a mortgage [than for rent]," stated Mino. 

Rising rents may keep some individuals from saving for a down payment. While purchasing a home may be more affordable than renting, the rising cost of apartment living may make saving for a down payment more difficult, reported the Chicago Tribune. 

The higher cost of rent makes the low down payment options available through government-sponsored enterprises even more essential to the continual improvement of the housing market. Making homeownership attainable for those who currently rent will help encourage them to enter the housing market. 

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Purchasing a second home as the market improves

Improving economic conditions and a stronger housing market may encourage some individuals to invest in a second home. Especially as the temperature warms up and summer closes in, some people might want to take out a second mortgage for another home, perhaps near a waterfront. 

Some vacation homes may serve as investment opportunities for buyers. The long-term value of vacation real estate can increase substantially - particularly when the property is located in a highly desirable location. 

Purchasing a home while rates are still near historical lows can turn into a beneficial investment for some buyers who can afford a second home. And if an individual is not interested in selling a home for a profit, he or she can still enjoy the benefits of a place to vacation as the weather warms up. 

A qualified real estate agent can help guide an interested buyer through the process.  To properly scout the market, an interested buyer should enlist the help of a qualified real estate agent familiar with the demand for housing in the area, according to Bankrate. This can help an individual make a more educated decision when it comes to purchasing a second home. 

Invest in the top vacation homes. Finding the perfect vacation home requires an understanding of the top spots in the country. According to Zillow, an online real estate company, some of the best areas to invest in a second home include: 

These regions offer a beach nearby and plenty of room for real estate growth. 

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit www.academymortgage.com to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.


Young couples more interested in homeownership

Couples who plan to get married may be more interested in applying for a U.S. home mortgage and purchasing a new home together. 

Many couples would use a large pre-wedding money gift toward a home. According to a survey conducted by Trulia, an online real estate company, 69.5% of respondents noted they would use a gift of money toward the purchase of a new home. Women (73%) are more likely to spend gifted money on real estate than men (61%). 

Most participants indicated a home would be the preferred purchase. Only 11.9% would use the money toward a new car, 10.4% would invest in their honeymoon, 6.1% would spend a gift on their wedding and only 2.1% of participants would put it toward a larger engagement ring. 

Young buyers want larger homes. Many individuals interested in purchasing a new house also want homes with more bedrooms. The ideal number of bedrooms for 51.6% of respondents is three, while 26.5% of couples want a four-bedroom home. 

When it comes to purchasing the perfect home, many couples are willing to make sacrifices. About 26.9% would eliminate excess spending on eating out at restaurants and ordering food to be delivered, while 23.9% of respondents would invest in a smaller wedding. 

Young buyers care about their neighborhood. Among the surveyed couples, most individuals want to live in an area with a good school system. Additional factors that are important to young buyers include the commute time to work and the square footage of the home. 

Couples should plan ahead of time. Because a home is such a substantial investment, many pairs who decide to buy a home before getting hitched should consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Forbes noted the laws regarding a married couple are clear, while an unmarried duo might be entering murky waters. 

"Married couples have a large body of law to protect their rights if their union dissolves. With unmarried partners, the law is less clear," noted Patrick Horning, an advanced planning director. 

If couples decide to purchase before marriage, Forbes recommended getting a prenup for the home because it will likely be the largest asset the two individuals invest in. 

"When unmarried couples enter into a financial contract such as a home purchase, both credit scores are impacted by the success of that joint purchase," stated Horning.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2014 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. Visit www.academymortgage.com to find a loan, get a rate, or calculate your payment today.