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When a Conventional Loan isn’t enough: A Jumbo Loan can get you home

Specially designed for those buying a luxury property or living in a high-cost area, Jumbo Loans finance homes that cost over $647,200 in most markets. They’re customizable and can be tailored to you.

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A few key benefits of Jumbo Loans:

  • More purchasing power – A Jumbo Loan can get you into a higher-priced home that a Conventional Loan can’t cover. This means you could get more desirable land, square footage, location, or whatever’s important to you.
  • Flexibility – There are many different Jumbo Loans for every situation. They come in both fixed- and adjustable-rate, have a variety of loan term options, and even down payments ranging from 10 to 20%. We can work with you to find the right fit.

A Jumbo Loan might be a good fit if you:

  • Have a home worth more than $647,200 you are looking at
  • Live in Hawaii, Alaska, or other designated high-cost markets where it goes up to $970,800
  • Have the ability to afford a more expensive property
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Mortgage myths

Don’t let myths about Jumbo Loans hold you back

Myth #1: Jumbo Loans are only for mansions
That’s false! Jumbo Loans are simply loans for properties listed at a higher price. Some areas, like New York and California, use Jumbo Loans for the vast majority of their homes

Myth #2: Down payments for a Jumbo Loan are massive
Not true! While the amount can be large because of the price of the home, down payments can be as low as 10%.


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