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Your home equity can help you in retirement

Reverse Mortgages are loans that allow homeowners 62 and older to pull money out of their home's equity while still living in their house. Could a Reverse Mortgage benefit you?

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A few key benefits of Reverse Mortgages:

  • Financial flexibility – A Reverse Mortgage offers an option to combat rising living  costs. You could get money from your home without having to move.  

  • Money on your terms – With a Reverse Mortgage, you’ll have no monthly mortgage payment*, and you’ll choose how to receive your funds.

    *Although there are no monthly mortgage payments, the borrower will continue to be responsible for paying property taxes, homeowners insurance, property charges, and maintaining the home

A Reverse Mortgage might be a good fit if you:

  • Are 62 or older  

  • Need extra money, and have equity in your home  

  • Don't plan on moving in the near future 

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Mortgage myths

Don’t let myths about Reverse Mortgages hold you back

Myth #1: The bank will own your home
Not true! Just like a traditional mortgage, as long as the terms of the loan are met, the borrowers retain full homeownership and can sell the home at any time..  

Myth #2: You won't be able to leave your home to your kids
False! Your kids can still inherit your home, and they’ll have the option to pay off the remainder of the Reverse Mortgage with the sale of the house or by repaying the loan. 


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