Helping the Homeless

Monthly Message

At Academy Mortgage, we truly understand the immeasurable value and impact of owning your own home. Delivering the dream of homeownership to families across the United States is why we’re in business! But we recognize that there are hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children who do not have this blessing in their lives and are living on the streets and in shelters in our communities.

While we all wish there were a way we could put a roof over everyone’s head, there are several ways we can help our country’s homeless population:

  1. Donate money to a nonprofit whose mission is to serve the homeless. This ensures that social workers and professionals who best understand how to help the homeless will have the resources necessary to do their important work.

  2. Donate gently used or new items to local organizations that house or support the homeless. The best items to donate include:
    • Winter weather clothing (such as hats, mittens, coats, and boots)
    • New underwear and socks
    • Travel-sized hygiene items (toothpaste, soap, etc.)
    • Professional clothing (a hurdle to overcoming homelessness is looking presentable at job interviews)
    • First aid items (such as Neosporin, Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, and hand sanitizer)
    • Secondary medical items (such as sunscreen, heavy duty lotions like Bag Balm, allergy medication, and tissues)
    • Bus passes (great for helping them get to job interviews)
    • Linens (i.e. twin sheets, towels, pillows, and pillowcases)

  3. Donate canned or boxed food to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Before making your donation, contact the homeless organization and find out which items they need most.

  4. Donate recreational items like toys, books, magazines, or sports equipment.

  5. Volunteer your time. Volunteer opportunities that may be available to you through local service organizations include:
    • Pack boxes of food for distribution to homeless people.
    • Serve hot food at a soup kitchen.
    • Help homeless people transition to working a job and paying bills.
    • Train homeless people in a skill like gardening or playing an instrument.
    • Use your skill set to assist the homeless, like giving free haircuts or tutoring children.

  6. Organize an event or clothing or food drive to create awareness about homelessness and collect much-needed items and resources.

No matter how you choose to serve, it’s of utmost importance to see the homeless people in our communities as individuals, empathizing with their situation, dispelling stereotypes, and treating all with kindness and respect.

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