One Person’s Junk May Be Another Person’s Treasure!

Monthly Message

After a good spring cleaning, a summer garage sale is a perfect next step for many people to sell their used but still in good condition items. Sellers are not typically required to collect sales tax, nor do they need to get a business license to take part in or plan a garage sale (check your local ordinances). However, you could use a few tips to ensure your garage sale is a success!

A successful garage sale requires a little planning and organization:

  • Sort like items together and display well.
  • Keep prices reasonable, but don’t undersell. Compare pricing of similar items on eBay and other online marketplaces.
  • Don’t price anything less than a quarter to avoid making small change.
  • Clearly price items.
  • Be willing to negotiate.
  • Be prepared with plenty of small bills.
  • Wash and hang or fold clothes. Clean items sell more quickly than stained, musty, wrinkled clothes.
  • Place clearly marked signs in ideal locations to advertise your garage sale, in accordance with local ordinances.
  • If you advertise, be clever to catch the attention of garage sale hunters and savvy shoppers.

Ask your neighbors if they want to join you! The bigger the sale, the more people you may attract.

The benefits of hosting a good garage sale are many, including make some money, finally clean out your garage/basement/attic, and meet neighbors who share similar interests and hobbies. Have fun and good luck!


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