Time to Talk Trash

Monthly Message

Garbage Day—the day of each week that every homeowner tries hard not to forget. Have you ever been found taking your trash to the curb at midnight in your PJs or cutting it really close, bringing it to the truck as it’s pulling up? 

Rolling out our garbage, recycling, and yard waste cans the night before garbage day is part of our homeownership routine. It’s highly likely that the majority of us don’t give our garbage another thought after it’s driven away. But you may think a bit differently about the amount of garbage your household produces after reading these interesting facts about America’s trash:

  • 250 tons of municipal wastes (commercial, household, and industrial) are produced every year in the United States.
  • The United States ranks #1 in the world for trash production, generating almost 30 percent of the world’s waste.
  • An American produces 7 pounds of waste every day on average. Almost more than 50 percent of the products were used only once by the person and then thrown away as waste. 
  • 50% of plastic is thrown away and not recycled.

Let’s all do our part to improve and maintain the environment we live in. Participate in recycling programs and learn the importance of advanced recycling methods. Take part in neighborhood clean-up activities to restore the beauty of our communities. 

When your next garbage day comes around, consider leaving a note of thanks on your garbage cans for the sanitation workers who work hard to keep our neighborhoods and streets clean and safe. 


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