Apr 14 2021

Our new partnership with Homebot

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Academy Mortgage Corporation Loan Officers can now provide personalized home finance insights.

Academy Mortgage Corporation is excited to announce a partnership with Homebot, Inc., provider of the award-winning client-for-life portal that empowers Academy Mortgage’s consumers to build wealth through homeownership. This partnership also enables Academy Mortgage Loan Officers to automate their client retention strategy, engage their clients and prospects, and build relationships with Real Estate Agents.

“We believe that the American Dream is built upon sustainable homeownership, and we’re passionate about making it a reality for as many people as possible,” said Jason Klaskin, Senior Vice President of Sales Support at Academy Mortgage. “Homebot empowers our clients to connect with Academy’s Loan Officers about their home financing needs so they can make smart, well-timed decisions about their options.”

Academy Mortgage’s partnership with Homebot helps Loan Officers engage their database with timely, personalized home finance information. After one top producer locked more than 20 loans in their first 60 days with Homebot, and another picked up nine refinances, plus two purchases, Academy Mortgage’s sales team knew it was time to pursue a company-wide agreement.

In addition to empowering clients and generating revenue, Academy Mortgage’s Loan Officers are also using Homebot to partner with Real Estate Agents — building new relationships and strengthening their existing ones. Since launching Homebot to a pilot group in 2020, Academy Mortgage has used the platform to partner with more than 100 agents. Through Homebot, customers have also initiated nearly 1,300 conversations with Academy Mortgage’s Loan Officers regarding purchasing, selling, refinance, and more!

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