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The Benefits of Working with a Local Lender

  • Aug 1, 2017
Local Lender

The current trend in the mortgage industry is for banks and lenders to consolidate operations and service offsite. All processing may be handled in one location, all underwriting in another, etc. This can delay loan approval and put your loan at risk of getting lost in the shuffle.

Academy Mortgage has the distinct advantage of being a direct lender, which means we can deliver to our customers the following benefits: 

We will be in control of your loan file from start to finish.

Our Branch Offices are equipped to complete the entire loan process in-house—all loan processing, underwriting, closing document preparation, and funding are handled in our local offices. As a result, we have a proven track record of closing loans as quickly and efficiently as possible, and your mortgage team will be up to date on the status of your loan at all times.

We know your market.

Our mortgage professionals are experienced and knowledgeable not only in loan origination but in recognizing the nuances unique to your area. We all live and have purchased homes here, too! We’ve also partnered with only the best real estate agents and homebuilders in the area to deepen our understanding of the local market. With our combined experience and Academy’s broad portfolio of mortgage solutions to choose from, we will customize the best loan program for your situation.

We care about this community.

Bringing homeownership to our neighbors and friends through our mortgage products solidifies our communities and revitalizes our neighborhoods. But in addition to providing these services, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the communities who have supported us for more than 30 years. To fulfill this commitment, our Branches are actively involved in local service projects, sponsorships, and area associations.

We are easily accessible to answer your questions.

We are available to assist you whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, either through a scheduled appointment or by phone or email.

Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2017 CoreLogic Marketrac Report.