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Academy Mortgage Prioritizes Its Web Presence

  • Jul 1, 2019
Digital Tools

Great news, Loan Officers! Academy Mortgage continues to grow as a premier provider of mortgages and services centered around home loans and refinancing.

At the same time, the tools that we’ve used to capture new clients have evolved to keep up with the changing marketplace. It’s true: we’ve been adding to our suite of tools in order to streamline processes. We’ve also been fine-tuning the methods we employ to achieve higher customer retention for our Loan Officers, in addition to developing applications that help make complicated procedures for clients hassle-free.

These days more business than ever is conducted online, and to that end we’ve created tools like AMY—otherwise known as Academy Mortgage for You—a pre-approval bot born from advanced AI that determines pre-approval in just minutes. Not only that, AMY runs completely from your smartphone.

Our Loan Officers also enjoy the ease of Academy’s My Mortgage platform, a web-based and mobile 1003 that allows you to originate from anywhere! As feedback pours in from clients, the reviews are unmistakable: customers love My Mortgage.

Another powerful application exclusively offered to Academy associates is NoviHome. Designed to ease the strain on clients during the build process, this innovative tool helps your builders capture, engage, convert, and retain leads to close homes fast and efficiently.

One of Academy’s priorities is to give our Loan Officers as many advantages as possible.  We’re working hard behind the scenes to streamline and optimize for SEO to ensure that we appear on the front page of search engine results. This major push to net our Loan Officers the best haul means that we focus on being a credible, authoritative source of information in the mortgage industry.

Remaining poised on leading edge of growth means that it’s imperative for Academy to continuously establish new methods and tools that give our Loan Officers and customers opportunities everywhere, from their phones to desktops and tablets, to whatever next-gen tech enters the marketplace. And we plan to do just that.


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