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Home Inspection Checklist

  • Academy Mortgage
  • Jun 1, 2018
Inspection Checklist

What to Look For When Purchasing a Home

Property inspectors do a great job on home inspections (discuss the process with your real estate agent). However, it is always a good idea to check as many things as possible on your own. It reduces the chances of missing something that shouldn’t be missed. Use your home inspection report, county records, home history, etc. to double check the following:

▢ Floor plan ▢ Attic ▢ General appearance 
▢ Square Footage ▢ Number of entrances ▢ Heating system 
▢ Traffic pattern ▢ Basement  ▢ Stair width 
▢ Ceiling heights ▢ Age  ▢ Air Conditioning 
▢ Waste disposal ▢ Hall width  ▢ Plumbing 
▢ Wiring ▢ Insulation  ▢ Water supply 

You should always inspect these items, room by room:

▢ Switch on/off all lights. ▢ Garbage disposal works?
▢ Check all faucets—working properly? ▢ Dishwasher runs? 
▢ Toilets flush correctly? ▢ Open and close all windows and doors. 
▢ Furnace and air conditioning work? ▢ All doors close properly and lock? 
▢ Range burners work? ▢ Try everything you can think of! 
▢ Bake and broil on range work?  

You may want to make some notes on the following interior features. Record important details and not anything that needs changing, repair, or special maintenance. You'll avoid costly repairs by making this extra effort.

▢ Woodwork ▢ Floor coverings ▢ Appliances 
▢ Ventilation ▢ Wall coverings ▢ Doors
▢ Paint ▢ Windows ▢ Built-ins
▢ Lighting ▢ Window treatments ▢ Storage
▢ Ceilings ▢ Fixtures ▢ Closets
▢ Floors ▢ Electrical outlets ▢ Walls

Defects/concerns indentified:

Be sure to check for any signs of structural or water damage (moisture, wall cracks, etc.). Before you close, you will do a walk-through of the home to be sure all conditions of the contract have been fulfilled. But the time to check for anything you want corrected by the seller is during contract negotiations, prior to signing any contract. All repairs should be noted in the contract or be contingent upon the home inspection. If you have any questions or concerns, your real estate agent is there to assist you in any way possible.

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