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4 Favorite Mountain Biking Trails in Grand Junction

  • Mar 17, 2020
grand junction colorado biking trail

When it’s time to shred the trails, what’s the best spot to hit? One thing we love about Grand Junction is the accessibility of outdoor recreation areas. If it’s not Fruita, it’s the Slick Rock mecca, which is just a stone’s throw from some of Colorado’s best spots to tear up the hills. 

The truth is the trails in Eastern Colorado are just as wicked to shred as Moab area trails. And with even less of a crowd, you can be certain your time isn’t wasted and the trails aren’t jam-packed. 

We threw some favored trails onto a list of top places to kick up rocks on one the best modern inventions of all time—bikes. Human powered freedom, the simplest of machines, sleek and functional, what’s not to love about a bike? We’re jonesin’ to hit the hills as we reflect on all the killer spots to take to nature and cruise. Read on, bike-warrior, read on.

Gunny Loop, Lunch Loops, Grand Junction, CO

Locals know this area has some of the best riding, though it’s less crowded than other nearby hotspots. 

Access Gunny Loop trail via the Lunch Loops system. Once you’re there, this trail gives its fair share of awesome and more—from winding, relaxed climbs to technical sections, and killer flow to jaw-dropping views. Once you’ve tried out this trail, you’ll long for more and likely hit the trails here again.

The Ribbon, Lunch Loops, Grand Junction, CO

The Ribbon is considered a difficult run, so keep that in mind if you choose to hit this trail. If you dig in anyway, prepare to be awed by a tight, technical ride that offers some of the smoothest rock in the Colorado area for riding. 

From rock formations boasting flattering names such as the Toilet Bowl and sporting killer sandstone dunes, and narrow canyons with steep walls, you’ll experience slot canyons as well as massive drop offs. So keep your skills tight and perfected on this trail—plenty of hikers and bikers have been injured on certain legs here. 

Kessel Run, 18 Road Trails, Fruita, CO

A great beginner trail, the ride at Kessel Run races through juniper and scrub oak, leaning into delicious turns and pleasing straight-aways. Because it runs parallel to the campground, be aware that it can get bogged down with riders on weekends. But what it’s good for—giving confidence to new riders—makes it worth it. Plus when you’ve killed the run, you can brag that you did the Kessel Run in 11 seconds. 

Zippity Do Dah, 18 Road, Fruita, CO

A local classic, this ride has it all, from steep climbs to exhilarating descents. The views on this ride and its exposed ridges makes it grand and glorious, leaving you wondering how a location can be so beautiful and yet so close to home. It’s technical and delectable, with relaxing sections and challenging sections. You’ll love it. 

Reaching Zippity Do Dah means meandering up Prime Cut or taking the dirt road up to the 18 Road trailhead, from which you’ll take the Frontside trail. This sweet ride glides along some steep descents and foreshadows what’s coming up on the headline act. 

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