Creating a Culture of Service

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Creating a Culture of Service

The Montrose, Colorado, Branch recently helped build a home for a family in need through Habitat for Humanity.
Academy Team Culture of Service

Academy Mortgage loves nothing more than seeing people become homeowners! The Montrose Branch recently worked on getting a family in need into a new home of their own.

A deserving family

Eric Mott, a Loan Officer in the Montrose Branch said, “When we sat down with Habitat for Humanity, and they explained what they were all about, we wanted to be a part of it.” 

The Montrose Branch first began working with Habitat for Humanity by donating dinners during the holidays for families in need. Keith Obsheatz, a Loan Officer Assistant in the Montrose Branch, said, “That was our first opportunity working together, and it left a lasting impression on all of us. So we wanted to continue to do more community projects. Then came a Habitat build day, which gave us a chance to have our Realtors and affiliates join our efforts.”

Mott said, “We had the opportunity to actually meet the family that was going to live in the home that we worked on. In the past we had provided Thanksgiving dinner for some families, and one of those families ended up being the family that was going to be purchasing the home we worked on. While we were building, it was very satisfying to know who we were helping and to understand that they really needed it and deserved it.” 

“Habitat gave us the opportunity to do more than just donate money or be a philanthropist,” said Obsheatz. “It allowed us to connect directly with families and invite our community to do so as well.”

Academy’s culture of service

The project goal was to waterproof the exterior of the home and put in all of the windows. Obsheatz said, “For the first build day, we had our office and some members of the home office join us, along with three Realtors.”

Mott said the turnout was great, and he expects there to be even more volunteers at the next build. He added, “It was all about service being a part of something that is setup to help deserving people get into a home who otherwise might not have that opportunity.”

“It is getting to see our office, home office, and Realtors come together to participate in shenanigans, storytelling, and helping to piece together a community project. . .”

When asked what he got out of being involved with this event, Obsheatz said, “The easy answer, and canned, is the opportunity to help the community. But for me personally, it is getting to see our local office, home office, and Realtors come together to participate in shenanigans, storytelling, and helping piece together a community project that will be someone’s future home!”

Obsheatz continued, “We have future build days planned, half-time events at our upcoming high school football games, a Boys and Girls Clubs of America fundraiser, and a few more ideas up our sleeves. We want to get the Realtors and local affiliates out doing community fundraising projects.”

These events are not just a time to give back to the community but a time to build relationships and the culture of Academy, which is centered on service.

Culture of Service