College Students and Graduates:
Don’t PAY a Landlord. BE the Landlord.


Why not level up and stop paying a landlord? You’ve got what it takes to BE the landlord.

College has been your time to figure out how the world works. You got your own place to live, you’ve paid your bills, bought your own food, and in general you’ve learned what it takes to be an Adult.

This is your time. And we know you’re probably killing it.

But there’s one option that maybe you haven’t considered. Let’s start with this: are you paying a landlord? Off-campus housing is the best, and if you’ve taken that step, very nice. There are fewer rules and more freedoms.

But why not level up and stop paying a landlord? You’ve got what it takes to BE the landlord.

We aren’t joking. This is true ninja-wizard stuff. We know that it’s complicated, but we’re here to be your guide. Here’s the deal: As a borrower and potential homeowner, we can help you into a Conventional Loan on a $200,000 2-4 unit (duplex or complex) for just 5% down, with a monthly payment as little as $1,414 per month!*

If you’re good with money and understand the downside of sinking your rent into a black hole (you know, a void that never pays you back), then this might be the kind of opportunity you’re seeking. You become the landlord. When college is over, you move on to a bigger and better home, but stay in a situation where your renters pay the mortgage on the home that sheltered you through those amazing years.

That former rent scenario is now a revenue stream.

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*Based on the Home Possible Loan, 4- unit, owner-occupied property, 5% down $200,000 purchase price, 30-year fixed, 4.625% interest rate; 5.373% APR $190,000 loan amount, $1,414/month PITI

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