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When you walk through the door at Academy Mortgage of Greenbelt, Maryland, you know instinctively that you’re in the right place. We greet you with a friendly face, we take the time to explain all your home loan options to you, and we answer all your questions.

Even though it’s not as hard as you think to get a home loan, it’s hard to become a good mortgage lender. It takes years of training and hard work. Our mortgage lenders are proud of their accomplishments, and they love using their expertise to help homebuyers.

If you’re low-income, or your credit score isn’t what you hoped it would be, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a home loan. There are many programs out there designed just for people like you. It’s only fair that you should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Even if your financial situation is rosy, you may need help financing a large home that a Conventional Mortgage won’t cover. That’s what Jumbo Loans are for!

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Home Loans and You

You may not be familiar with all the options you have for home loans. But you don’t have to be—that’s our job!

At Academy Mortgage, our mortgage lenders are the experts on home loan options. Many Greenbelt residents have not saved enough money to fund a hefty down payment on a home in Prince George’s County, but that’s OK. We'll show you loan programs that require 0 down, offer down payment and closing cost assistance, or another kind of assistance to homebuyers who may not qualify for a Conventional Loan program.

We want you to qualify. We’ll show you how.


Fixed-Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Rely on the expertise of our Greenbelt mortgage company to help you decide whether a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage is better for your financial situation.

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Federal Housing Administration Loans are aimed at low-to-moderate-income homebuyers with credit scores on the lower side. Find out if you qualify for an FHA Loan in Greenbelt!

Learn more about FHA Loans today.


State Housing Agency Loans and DPA Programs

State Housing Finance Agency Loans and Down Payment Assistance programs can make homeownership more affordable in Greenbelt. Ask our mortgage lenders if you qualify for this valuable assistance.

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USDA Loans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers special home loans low-income earners willing to live in a rural area. Our mortgage specialists in Greenbelt can tell you if you qualify.

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Conventional Mortgages

If you have a good credit score and money for a down payment, you may qualify for A Conventional Mortgage. Our Greenbelt office can show you how a conventional mortgage could potentially save you money.

Find out about its benefits here.


VA Loans

A Veterans Affairs Loan, available only to qualified Veterans and their family members, usually requires no down payment. Check with our mortgage specialists in Greenbelt to see if you qualify.

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Renovation Loans

If you’re planning an addition or other big remodeling project, talk to our mortgage specialists in Greenbelt about getting a Renovation Loan to help with expenses.

Find out if you qualify.


Refinance Loans

Whether you you’re looking for some cash in hand or you simply would like to take advantage of lower interest rates, our mortgage specialists in Greenbelt can assist you with a refinance loan.

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Jumbo Mortgages

You deserve to have the dream home you have your eye on in Greenbelt. When a Conventional Loan doesn’t cover the cost, we’ll help you secure a Jumbo Mortgage.

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Reverse Mortgages

Those 62 or older are eligible for a Reverse Mortgage, which cuts down on or even eliminates your monthly payment. Use the equity in your Greenbelt home to live a comfortable retirement.

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First-time Homebuyer Loans

Interested in finding out about available programs for first-time homebuyers in Greenbelt? These programs could include 0 down, low down payments, and 100% financing. Talk to our mortgage lenders today!

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Refinancing Your Greenbelt Mortgage Can Save You Money!

As a homeowner in Greenbelt, Maryland, you may not be aware of how mortgage refinancing can help you improve your financial position. Even if your current mortgage is not with Academy Mortgage, we can work with you on mortgage refinancing.

You may know that when interest rates fall, homeowners often look into mortgage refinancing to save money. Lower interest rates mean you could possibly save thousands over the life of your loan.

Depending on how long you’ve been paying on your loan, you may end up with much lower monthly payments by refinancing. Or, you could opt to shorten your term. That could mean higher monthly payments, but you could also save a lot over the life of your loan because you’d pay it off quicker.

Others look to refinance to switch from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage. If you have an ARM, you may have made the decision to accept more risk in exchange for lower payments. If you’re in a better financial position now, you may want to have the security of a fixed-rate mortgage.

When you opt for mortgage refinancing, you may also to take some equity out of your home to pay for a home improvement, new car, vacation, or another expenditure.

Refinancing can definitely provide you with some great opportunities—but not always. That’s why it’s important to talk about mortgage refinancing with a lender you can trust. Academy Mortgage will give you advice based on what’s best for you.

Why Choose Us?

What can Academy Mortgage of Greenbelt, Maryland, offer that other local mortgage lenders can’t? A unique combination our customers love—the security of working with a national financial lender, combined with the personal service of a local firm. Our customers know us and love us—they see us at the lake, the dog park, and the mall. Rely on us to get just the service you want—and deserve—from a mortgage lender.


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