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The mortgage industry is inarguably complex. As a first-time homebuyer, you may find it overwhelming. In fact, even seasoned homeowners can find themselves bewildered by the process of applying for a home loan.

That’s why so many Portland homebuyers rely on Academy. They trust our knowledge, skills and expertise in the mortgage lending industry. They know we’re not some anonymous chain; our team is comprised of the familiar faces of Portland locals. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously.

Part of our expertise is rooted in our deep knowledge of the types of home loans that are available to our clients, and being able to help show you what may work for you and your particular situation.

Home loan programs can vary greatly. You may think that if your credit score isn’t perfect or you don’t have much money saved for a down payment that you will not qualify for a home loan, but this isn’t always true. That’s why it’s important to trust a professional team with years of experience.

We help you forge a path to homeownership. We Inspire Hope, Deliver Dreams and Build Prosperity.


Our Home Loan Options

Many different home loan options are available to Portland homebuyers. Each mortgage program has different qualifications and it can be hard to know which home loan option is right for you if you are not familiar with each program’s benefits and drawbacks.

But you don’t have to worry! That’s what the mortgage lenders at Academy are here for. We put our expertise to work for you, to get you into the home of your dreams faster. Count on us to help you find a great home loan option.


Fixed-Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

When is an adjustable-rate mortgage a better choice than a fixed-rate mortgage? Our home loan specialists can explain your options to you.

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Targeted toward homebuyers with lower credit scores, this program helps put low-income Portland residents into their own homes. Ask us to help you apply for an FHA Loan.

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State Housing Agency Loans and DPA Programs

Not everyone is able to sock away savings for a down payment. Our mortgage lenders can assist you with applying for a Down Payment Assistance Loan.

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USDA Loans

If you enjoy living out in the country, a USDA Loan may be for you! Talk to our team about USDA Loans available around the Portland area.

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Conventional Mortgages

Homebuyers in Portland with good credit scores who have saved up for a down payment usually qualify for a Conventional Loan. Ask us for details about this mortgage program.

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VA Loans

If you’re a Veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for a 0-down VA Loan. Our mortgage lenders can help you apply for this special program.

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Renovation Loans

Renovating boosts your property values, but it can be costly. Talk to the Academy team about how to fund your remodeling projects with a Renovation Loan.

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Refinance Loans

A Refinance Loan can save you big money on your home loan when interest rates drop. Call today and learn how you may be able to cut your monthly payments by hundreds.

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Jumbo Mortgages

If you have your eye on a pricey Portland home, you may need a Jumbo Mortgage to fund your purchase. We can help you apply for this special program.

Learn if you’re eligible for a Jumbo Loan today.


Reverse Mortgages

For homeowners 62 and over, a Reverse Mortgage can help you free up needed cash every month. Talk to us to find out if you qualify for this helpful program.

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First-time Homebuyer Loans

First-time homebuyers may be eligible for programs other homebuyers are not. Ask us how to apply for one of these beneficial mortgage programs.

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Refinance Your Portland, Oregon Home

Mortgage refinancing can save Portland homeowners many thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. But the timing has to be right, and the terms have to be right for your situation. When is it a good idea to refinance? The Academy team can help you decide.

Many homeowners come to us to inquire about mortgage refinancing when the interest rates drop. If the interest rate on your home loan is at least 1% higher than the current interest rate, it’s probably a good idea to look into mortgage refinancing.

You have options when it comes to realizing your savings. A lower interest rate usually means lower monthly payments. If you choose to renew your term, your payments could fall even lower. This can provide needed relief to a family that’s strapped for cash due to past job loss or health problems.

You may also choose to shorten the term when you refinance. This will likely result in higher monthly payments, but you could save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Refinance to Get a Better Loan!

Another option you may have is to get cash back when you refinance. You can use this money to pay bills or to fund a purchase such as a new car or a sorely needed vacation.

If your original mortgage had an adjustable rate, you can switch to a fixed rate when you refinance. This will make your mortgage payments more predictable, and many homeowners find this makes it easier to budget monthly expenses.

Mortgage refinancing can be a great way to save money, but it isn’t always the best move to make. Our mortgage lenders can go over the details with you, taking into account your personal financial situation, and make recommendations to you. Contact us today to find out if mortgage refinancing is right for you now.

Why Choose Us?

We are your local, friendly, professional mortgage lender in Portland. Our years of experience matching homebuyers with a good home loan for them is what helps us maintain our reputation as a leading mortgage lender here in Oregon. Our satisfied customers trust that we’re putting our expertise to work to get them into a good mortgage program for them. Join the ranks of Portland homeowners — contact us today and we’ll help you get started.


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